Future felt

Future felt

So what would future felt be? Can you guess?


Here is a clue


Did that help?


how about this


I bet you know now.




Meet Pete also known as Handsome Pete. He is our new Blue Faced Leicester Ram.


He arrived on Wednesday. He is settling in well. he can see the sheep when they come in and he can smell them are girls. He is handsome and calm. He likes his back scratched. He is not sure about Ava. She is a dog after all but I am sure the others will let him know that although she is black and white, she is no border collie.

This very handsome and alert shot is also looking at Ava who is paying no attention at all.



8 thoughts on “Future felt

  1. What a handsome boy, love his roman nose and he’s got ankles to die for! Hope his future concubines will appreciate him – bound to. How many will he have to see to, and what breed(s) are they?

    1. He is Handsome isn’t he. I am sure the ladies will love him. I have one purebred Lincoln but the rest are mixed sheep. I have quite a few black sheep that I hope to add some curl too. should be between 30 and 40 sheep after we sort.

  2. Great name for him, he is definitely handsome and his curls look delightful. I hope you will show us photos when his fleece grows out. I can understand how he would be cautious of Ava. I’m looking forward to seeing his offspring.

    1. I will show you his fleece when it grows and when it’s shorn. I hope he adds some curliness to some of the black sheep. He will figure out Ava. the other sheep just ignore her now because she has no interest in them at all. Other than, maybe, a potential friend.

  3. Hello Handsome Pete!
    I’m immediately drawn to the baby curls you’re sporting. You look like a sweet and friendly guy. I’m sure in time Ava and the girls will love you.
    Can’t wait to see the future curls you help create. He is very sweet, Ann. He looks about Porter size already!

    1. Thanks Capi, I am sure he would love all your praise. I am sure he will ignore Ava in time. Goofy spaniels are not interested in sheep. Now wild turkeys she loves.

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