Ocean Sunset

Ocean Sunset

Now hopefully, you’re not sick of them yet, another ocean picture.  I plan on adding a sunset. The sky’s progress looks very similar to the progress of the other ones. I could probably just pick one and use the same picture over and over.  This one is a bit darker as I am thinking it’s starting to get late with the sun going down.


For the ocean this time I wanted darker water and not so much sparkle so I peeled the top layer with the sparkle off and used the darker inside and back.

I have a nice pinky batt  I think I can use to add the sunset to the sky and water. I think I am going to do it as the sun already being below the horizon but I am not sure.  But I was back to a baking day so it will have to wait.

Now I’ve pulled the batt out to take a picture for you I am not liking it as much its got a lot of black and some blue in it. I think I need to look at what else I have.


That didn’t work well at all. What else do I have, Who knows, It’s all in boxes all stacked at the back of the storage area. so I must make do. I pulled a bit of corral pink and 2 shades of red silk ( probably but shiny anyway) out of the above batt and spread it out to be the sky.


I laid it on top and left a little spot for some orange sun.

Now as I said my stash is all in boxes and most of that is at the back. I did reach a small box or multicoloured silks in small bags. I found the right one I pulled a blob( technical fibre term)  of dark purple from it. I don’t need much.

I pulled some fine bits ( another specialized fibre term)out and laid them across the top of the sunset sky.

Now I just need the shiny orange curl I have begged from Bernadette Monday night for the sun and that part should be done…….Except it’s not needled down and so it’s not really stuck. I look at it and it’s so wispy I think that if I try to needle it, it will end up pulling and being a mess.

I think I am going to have to wet felt it. I am planning to dig out some wet felting supplies. I think I can reach enough things for a small piece and some plastic wrap from the kitchen will work fine. That’s tomorrow’s job. Now if this ends here you will know I was unsuccessful at finding my supplies and taking them to the guild social to work on. Or possibly making tourtiere pie filling and waiting for and dealing with the livestock viewer took too long and I just ran out the door to do some spinning with friends. Hopefully, you won’t have to wait until my next post to find out how it goes.

15 thoughts on “Ocean Sunset

  1. You obviously got busy so we’re looking forward to the next post 🙂

    So far so good though – hope you manage to get it wet felted with the sun from the orange curl! Must be frustrating to not be able to access your stash easily.

    1. Thanks Lyn. I should have time before it’s my turn to post again. It is but I don’t have much time to play with it at the moment anyway. This to will pass.

  2. Interesting progress report Ann. I love all your colours, though I have to say that when I first called up the post and saw the picture above the title, I thought what a fantastic sky. It looks as if the sun has gone down far enough to be out of sight but still near enough to the horizon to dramatically colour the clouds, with the odd ray of stronger light in the white bits.
    However, I’m looking forward to seeing what you actually do do for the sky. It’s amazing how a minute or so can change how the downed sun’s light affects the view – it might be a different day.

  3. Looking good Ann! I think the wet felting is a good idea. You could just throw it in a ziplock bag with some soapy water. I’m looking forward to seeing what you decided to do.

  4. Looking good but making sure I’m breathing (can’t hold my breath that long until next instalment!).

    I like your technical terms but – is ‘begging’ a supply term 🤪

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