I was surprised (and pleased) at the interest in the crown needle post I just did. It is a cool little needle unequally suited to shallow detail work. Its low barb number, having only 3 in total all by the tip, does make it a slower needle but it’s not always a good idea to be in a rush.

The “not in a rush” has been impressed upon me again this past week as I shifted from needle review to a photo re-cataloging project for my husband. Nothing big, or heavy like arranging just the correct angle to capture in photographs his collection of Anvils (he is down to 3) or forges (he has 2, both on the back patio)!

What I was working with were Many, Many, Many tiny light objects. Unfortunately, I needed to sort through all of them, then spread pre-specified groups of them out to photograph.  The best spot to work for light was on the bed by the window. This put me in a working position of standing and bending forward. That is precisely the same position that I used to work in, which did not go as well as I had hoped. (Neuropathy is a neve yelling at you. It can scream –searing pain, it can lie to you –give false information, or it can refuse to talk to you –numbness or lack of proper function) the type of nerve and the location of its irritation give the location of where their displeasure is felt.  A nerve once annoyed can hold a grudge =this means if you irritate it then re-irritate it, it usually will take longer to forgive you and heal after each re-irritation.

I got help yesterday and am well over halfway on the first part of the photography project. Unfortunately, my leg is still intermittently lying to me even this morning, so no standing photography or poor ergonomic felting until that stops.

SO my plans for today’s blog are a bit on hold. I can bring you up to date with the project I had started with Mr. Mer. “The Quest for Hair”!  I have reminded Mr. Mer that Twist Fiber Festival in Quebec is only a few weeks away (Aug. 12th to 14th) https://festivaltwist.org/en/twist-fibre-festival/ .  If he would like to accompany me, he would have an even bigger selection of long locks to choose from. (I hope I can find vendors with 9 to 12-inch die or undyed locks that would be fashionable for a modern Mer person.) He seems very smitten with some of the locks from Bernadette’s stash but I think I can persuade him to wait till just after Twist.

Mr. Mer would like to send his thanks to Bernadette who raided her stash to help alieve his follicular challenges.  This is some of the fibre he has sorted through;

long fibers greens yelows long fibers Greens Purples long fibers with ruler1-3 sorting through the fibres from Bernadette

He has collected a small bag of fibre that he hopes goes well with his Northern pike lower half.

Mr. Mer (Merman) holds bag of long fibers in shades of green4 Mr. Mer’s Selection

Once he has a bit more he will have to decide on the hairstyle he wants. I am suggesting long since It would flow wonderfully as he swims. (vary Fabio if you are old enough – think historically inaccurate romance novel covers with beefy guys with long hair).  If he spends a bit of time online, he may find the Drummer Toll Yagami, from the Japanese band called Buck-Tick. He has an extra-long Mohawk hairstyle, it’s terribly impressive! I am not sure the ingredients to keep a Mohawk up would work in water. I may have to investigate if Mr. Mer seems interested. (There may be some Magic Mer hair gel I don’t know about.)

I got up extra early to work on my blog post and look who I found doing research on my computer! (Why does my computer freeze when I use it but he can spend all night browsing?)  I will show you what he was up to.

5 Compilation of research by Mr. Mer

Mr Mer thinks he should keep researching. It is a big decision and he is a bit overwhelmed with all the options! For now, he is on his way back to sitting in his project bag, clutching his bag of fibre, in deep contemplation.

Mr Mer with his bag of fiber ready to go back to his project bag and think

6 Ready to go to his project bag and have a think.

After all his research and contemplation he will likely want eyebrows and ears too! I will keep you updated on his progress.


Have fun with fibre and keep felting








9 thoughts on “A SHORT UPDATE ON MR. MER

  1. That’s the problem with the internet, you start off with a couple of ideas, and then you are inundated with them and probably can’t see the wood for the trees (or I suppose the coral for the seaweed in merspeak).
    Looking forward to Mr Mer’s next visit. How about Mrs Mer, does she have any hair yet? Or is she waiting to see what Mr Mer chooses?

  2. I do so love reading your posts, so very entertaining, enthralling and a lovely story telling quality in every sentence. Wonderful to see Mr Mer, and I cannot wait to see his flowing locks very soon.

  3. Just beautiful work! What a pity you’re not in Australia…I have some lovely long undyed English Leicester locks that would possibly suit!

  4. Tee-hee! Love the way Mr Mer surfs the net to find a hairstyle – it would suit him wavy, long and flowing.

    Sorry to hear that you are somewhat incapacitated but you certainly have enough doable stuff to keep yourself busy.

  5. Mr. Mer, as long as you don’t decide on a mullet, I am all for some long lush locks on that head of yours 🙂

    (Funny you should mention magic products for mohawks, my broke punk friends used bar soap to keep their hair standing to attention! Nothing like the simplest product to make things work, huh?)

  6. So much choice for Mr Mer. I think maybe he could leave the punk option for his son and go with the long flowing curls. I notice he picked out some lovely green but a few golden ones added in for the spots on the norther pick might be nice too.

  7. I definitely think the long flowing curls would be the best option and glad he was able to spend some time researching his choices. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  8. I read this post with ‘hair envy’…..with the exception of the Mohawk!! Long flowing locks are going to look great crowning Mr Mer’s toned body and I just loved the photos of him doing his night time research. Who knows what else he gets up to when you’re fast asleep?😱

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