Two Nuno Backgrounds

Two Nuno Backgrounds

After putting my work in two different galleries, I felt a moment of panic because I have no more artwork that would be ready to go if anything sold. Better get to work!

I still had more of this dyed silk that I used for the Weeping Birch piece.

This is the fabric after I nuno felted it to black pre felt for the weeping birch piece. I had some red prefelt of the correct size so I decided to see what the fabric would look like with a red wool base.

Here is the piece after felting. It definitely has a different feel than with the black wool. Now to decide how I should move forward with this piece. What do you see? It’s always so interesting to hear what different people see in the same background.


This is the nuno background that I used for Summer Fireworks. It was felted on to white pre felt. Since I was already using the red prefelt, I decided to back the dyed silk from the same piece of fabric with red pre felt. How different would it look?

Here is the silk fabric nuno felted on to red wool.  I see trees and bushes at the top of this with perhaps grasses or flowers at the bottom? Or maybe roots and the underground at the bottom? I will show you my progress as I get further along in the process.

I definitely enjoyed seeing the difference that the pre felt wool color makes in the end nuno felted result. I will have to try out more colors when I get the chance.

18 thoughts on “Two Nuno Backgrounds

  1. They both absolutely defeat me for ideas. I would have to hang them up for a couple of weeks and see what they said to me over that time.
    Initially, the first one made me think of the Red Star which causes all the angst and danger in Anne McCaffrey’s novels about the dragons of Pern. It looks just as it was described in “All the Weyrs of Pern” when the dragons and their riders deposited the antimatter engines in a fissure in order to blow it out of it’s orbital path.
    Otherwise I’ve come up blank I’m afraid.
    I look forward to seeing what everyone else thinks and what you do with the backgrounds in the end.

  2. I see lots of red in both pieces, and so I think heat, fire, desert, red soil or rocks, maybe burning towns or trees, something about climate change…

  3. Don’t as me why Ruth because my brain is a bit weird at times but the red piece reminds me of a wet night in Parisian traffic – why Paris – absolutely no idea except possibly it’s a classy place and this is a very classy background. It is quite amazing the impact a different colour wool fibre can have on the silk fabric.

    Number 2 could be a view over a valley with mountains in the distance.

    Looking forward to seeing the transformation on these beautiful backgrounds!

    1. Thanks Helene, okay, I have to say I would have never thought of Paris. Funny how we all see things differently 😂

  4. First one: close up of an exterior wall of an old palazzo in Venice. Second one: turned horizontally, an aerial view of a landscape

  5. Knowing you live in the west, on the red piece, I see 2 mountains with a valley area between. I’m looking from above a plateau on the right side. I think the reds would lend great undertones to the rock formations. The other – I can’t get those can-can girls out of my mind from last time. No help from me.


    1. Thanks Capi, I can appreciate the idea of rock formations. I keep thinking I will try that but haven’t yet.

  6. Second piece – fabric on red prefelt: I see a covered wagon pulled by two horses coming up over a small rise (upper right hand corner) at sunset with an awesome landscape stretching out before them. This is a glimpse of the prairie in the days when settlers moved across the land to homestead and make a new life for themselves!

  7. I am afraid I am no help. I understand Ann’s thought as I read and loved that series too but I don’t think it would work for you. I like the idea of a red sunset or rise with the landscape blazing from the rising sun. Maybe some black silhouettes on free motion stitch.

    1. Thanks Ann, I think the background with just red is hard to relate too. I will probably add sheer fabric to change the color a bit.

  8. I can see a mountain side in there but the red really throws me off ideas. My first reaction was fire. But forest fires are not something we want to focus on at this time of year!

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