Another Nuno Landscape Completed

Another Nuno Landscape Completed

I have been working away on my nuno felt landscapes this winter. I always sell more work in the summertime, so it’s good to get ahead of the game and get work ready to be framed in the spring. So what to do with this background. I felt like the diagonal lines of color felt too “tie dyed” and needed to break them up. The colors reminded me of summer flowers so that’s where I decided to go with this background.

I played around with a variety of cotton fabric and cheesecloth and laid these out on the nuno background.

I added a small bud to the small, lower right hand flower.

I pinned the pieces in place and added interfacing to the back to provide support for the machine stitching. I could have fused them down but I find that I don’t like the way the fusing flattens the fabric and doesn’t allow “movement” of the fabric with stitching. This is a personal preference and it is easier to stitch if everything is fused in place but I prefer to pin or baste the pieces in place. I also was looking at possibly bringing some of the dark blue up into the area above the flowers. I tested this out by cutting some small bits of #5 perle cotton and laying it down to give the impression of blue flower stalks.

I free motion machine stitched all the green first. I used two different shades of green to give a little depth to the stems and leaves.

I used three different shades of thread in the centers of the flowers and two colors on the petals. I decided to bring a bit of the burnt orange down into the petals to give a look of a bit of shadows near the centers. Last, I added dark brown to the bottom of the centers which definitely helped define the centers.

Lastly, I added blue French knots with #5 perle cotton thread. I then stitched it down to the background “matte” fabric and laced it on to card. So it’s ready to frame. I decided to call this one “Summer Fireworks”. I have run out of nuno felted backgrounds so I guess that will be my next project.


24 thoughts on “Another Nuno Landscape Completed

  1. You’ll have no trouble selling this one!
    The trio of rudbeckia look beautiful on that nuno background – it’s a sunny picture that would brighten any room in the house.

  2. Another lovely one Ruth. I particularly like the way the near vertical movement of the flower stems crosses the strong diagonal lines of the background. It gives real energy to the picture.
    To be honest, though I’m not to sure that the colour of the fabric matte is the right one for this picture – but that is always a difficult call.

    1. Thanks Ann, I definitely thought about how to break up the strong diagonal lines in the background. I don’t disagree that the background fabric isn’t perfect. But I don’t want to spend the extra time dyeing a perfect background which would add more to the final cost of the piece. I use what is available commercially and pick the one that seems to work the best. Part of the fabric border will be covered with the frame so it won’t overwhelm the piece.

  3. Lovely flowers Ruth. I am sure they well sell quickly. Your right without the fusible on the back of the petals they have a lot more texture. I will go with the other Ann and say I am not fussy about the backing . I was thinking a blue grey, more like the grey background you were taking pictures on. But in person it may look different.

    1. Thanks Ann, fusible is handy but I never seem to appreciate the flatness that happens with it. The backing fabric selection is never perfect when bought commercially but it works the best of all the options I had.

  4. Ruth,
    I love this! What size is it and do you ever sell your pieces online? I’m in the middle of the US.

  5. I really love these colours, and your rudbeckia trio are wonderful promise of summer to come. The stitching is so lovely, and the pop of blue in the french knots is a great area of interest.

  6. What a joyful piece.
    You’ve achieved a great sense of depth with the rudbeckia and balanced the angles nicely with the knots providing a surprise contrast from them.

    The eye is certainly drawn into the detail of the plants. And, yes, I agree about not using interfacing on the petals so as to achieve a more realistic, sculptural quality.

    1. Thanks Antje! The angles increase the liveliness of the piece for sure. The petals are definitely more realistic when they aren’t fused down.

  7. I love this Ruth, reminds me off warm summer days and my own garden, which has lots of lovely Echinacia. Your flowers are perfectly formed, absolutely stunning, love the colours you’ve used 😍

  8. Beautiful and full of sunshine! I think that’s a better use of your felted piece, than the Can-can girls, I originally saw in it. 😉 Hope you’re all smiling as you read this! Hugs.

  9. I’m late to the party but just wanted to say I love what you created here. Sometimes your nuno pictures work with what is already there: enhancing and adding but essentially going with what you already have. In this picture I feel the flowers sort of counterpoint the back ground yet work brilliantly with it. Gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Lindsay, I definitely took a different route with this one but I am glad I did as it worked out better than expected 😉

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