I promised after I made a small poppy piece for the first quarter challenge repurposing a piece of nuno felt, that I would make a bigger piece in the same style.

This piece is large, somewhere in the 30″ length and 18-20″ width. This is the layout and I have sprinkled the cut up orange nuno felt over the base layer of green wool. I made sure that the orange bits were roughed up so they would stick down better.

Here is the piece after felting. I have pinned some larger poppies in the foreground made out of painted silk paper. I was distracted by the yellow in the direct center in the sky. I decided to add more yellow so that the one area wouldn’t stick out as much.

I needle felted some yellow across the left portion of the lower sky and a few wisps up higher. I also added some lighter/paler silk paper to the poppies as I felt they were too dark in the first try. Then I added some green locks to the foreground for foliage.

And here it is after finishing and “matting” on green fabric. Now Remembrance is ready to go the framer. Now I just have to find a new gallery to carry my work, easier said than done.

21 thoughts on “Remembrance

  1. I like this one Ruth, it’s really peaceful.
    Is that silk you used for the clouds in the sky? I find that the different types of silk really work for different types of clouds.

    1. Thanks Lindsay, I am happy with the depth perspective, the real change to that was the larger poppies. They really made the background recede.

  2. Petition to create a felting retreat where we all get together and ooh and aah at each other’s work in person!

    Ruth, those poppies look fantastic with the rest of the greens. What a marvel you are.

    1. I totally agree on an in-person retreat. Hopefully, in the next couple of years it will happen.

      Thanks, a marvel? Ha! 😆

  3. Hello Ruth – What a calming piece. I always learn so much from your process! I really love the way you used the green locks for the pine trees. In the layout picture, the grass appears more yellow than it does in the after-felting picture. Did you add more green or did the green migrate through to be more prominent?

    1. Thanks Kristina, I’m glad you’re learning from my posts. I think the colors in that first layout photo are off. The green didn’t change that much with felting.

  4. I am too late to second Leonor’s proposal, but I’ll do it anyway.

    This is so beautiful Ruth. Any gallery worth its salt would jump at the chance to represent you.

    1. Thanks Helene, I am really looking forward to an in person gathering. We will make it work somehow. Not having too many galleries jumping at the moment but hopefully soon.

  5. Its a really wonderful piece Ruth. The yellow makes a big difference. Did you wet it after and rub it? It doesn’t look needle felted. I hope you find a gallery soon. I thought you had a gallery, did they close? A get together does sound marvellous.

    1. Thanks Ann, the yellow was just needle felted. I didn’t wet it again. I did have a gallery but they don’t want to carry my work anymore.

  6. It’s rotten that the old gallery doesn’t want your stuff – more fool them! I had a similar problem in town here. A gallery in an old Chapel was started by another feltmaker whose stuff is proving very popular, but she’s never accepted any of my work on the premise that she doesn’t want it confused with hers! Our styles are completely different and I can’t see that this would happen. That was a few years ago now (BC) and she now has another feltmaker exhibiting there so I tried again and never even got a reply from her, so I’ve given up.
    You’re all making me green with envy talking about having a meet up. There’s no way I’d get to your side of the Pond. Perhaps we might manage a UK branch retreat?

    1. I have seen that issue come up before about someone being very territorial and not wanting competition for their work. It’s usually their issue of feeling inferior.

      My plan is to come to your side of the pond for an in person get together. Hopefully soon 🙂

    2. That would be great Ruth, I look forward to meeting you in person.

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