Update on the small picture and the studio

Update on the small picture and the studio

Where did the time go? I looked at the posting schedule and thought I have lots of time to get my post ready but here I am down to the wire,….. again.

I did manage this week to make some progress on my small picture. I started by adding some grass/stems/leaves/. Starting with a very Christmas green.

Then adding other shades

It looks ok but it’s way too short. What am I going to do with the other 2/3 of the picture? So, remembering Ruth’s advice on the last stitch project when I wasn’t very happy with it, she said  “just keep adding more”,  I decided I was not taking the stitches out. I would just keep going. The next batch of grass was longer.

At this point, I notice the bottom edge was starting to curl a little. This is because I was stitching into the bottom edge. I didn’t want the bottom of the stitches to show entry points on the top side of the bottom edge. I noticed some of the threads were a little loose too. To remedy this I ironed it with steam. I think it helped.

The next step is the flowers. I was originally thinking stitched flowers, then thought maybe seed needs would be good. I asked opinions at my guild social and everyone seemed to think I should do both. I probably will.

And now the Studio Progress.

The walls and floor have been painted. The place that hasn’t been painted is where the ductwork will go for the heating. It will then get drywall put over it and it will be painted. Notice one of my favourite things about this space. It has a center floor drain. The electrical box will get a cupboard built to hide it.


Yes, the floor is covered in blue speckles, for non-slip and to hide the floor repairs.

Next are the sinks, the ductwork, painting my selves, bookcase and small table. They will be boring white, once the books and wool are on them they will be colourful enough. The table gets the microwave so it will not be seen much either.

That’s it for now. I plan on doing the flowers for the next post but I am not sure what else. I am sure I will find something to keep me busy and out of too much trouble.


10 thoughts on “Update on the small picture and the studio

  1. It would seem that ‘more is more’ with regard to stitching on your mini art – keep going!

    We have floor drain envy. What a good idea for a wet felting studio! White paint is good as it bounces light around and anything you put on it looks very colourful and stands out. You’ve made good progress – please keep us updated.

  2. I am very envious of your workroom space, it looks light, airy, spacious and watertight. It’s raining here and my roof is leaking – again.
    I like the progress you are making with your picture. You could add some clouds, you could add some flying birds (or a plane – or Superman!) Skyscapes are definitely as good as landscapes. Looking forward to the next instalment.

    1. Oh no a leaky roof. It can be so hard to figure out where the leak is as the water can travel so much. we’ve had to deal with that before. I might get a bird or cloud in but it’s pretty small for Superman. :o)

  3. Every time I see a space with a drain in the floor I think every room should have one. Not necessarily a drain, but a trap door that can be lifted and all the crud just shoved down that little/large hole to be ignored for all eternity. I love bathrooms with central drains, so you can just hose down the whole place. I’m looking forward to a tour of the place once it’s all done, looks amazing and I’m truly envious.

    1. Oh yes a trap floor with one of bugs bunnies black holes under it. Add a toy size remote control bulldozer ( Ross’ Idea) and we are in business. Either that or some minions. Once its done I will have a spin in.

  4. Your stitching is coming along nicely Ann. Especially with grasses, layering in different colors and lengths is a must 😉

    I am envious of the new studio as well. You are making good progress and to have a drain is wonderful! I wish I had a wet studio but mine is a bedroom so that wouldn’t work too well. I agree that white is definitely the best choice. You can then also use the walls to hang up pieces you are working on and look from a distance. I always find that helpful when I’m getting close to the finish of a piece. Keep us updated!

    1. Thanks Ruth on to the flowers next. I have some pegboards and will get a cork board and paint it white for on the upper walls. The glue in the chip board make it hard to get a tack in.

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