hippie-style crocheted top & colourful floral felted pod – 4th quarter challenge

hippie-style crocheted top & colourful floral felted pod – 4th quarter challenge


In the late 60’s I was taught how to crochet by my Aunt Doris and I loved it.  She showed me how to read a crochet pattern and the first thing I made was a green mini dress for myself.

At that time the ‘granny square’ became popular and I made a long, sleeveless jacket for my mum from brightly coloured squares edged with black.

So coming up with a challenge idea was easy for me.  I had a search of the internet and found a free pattern by Michelle of The Snugglery (free pattern) The pattern is for a 60’s hippie-style top.  Perfect.

I auditioned my stash of yarns and picked out some bright ones that I thought went together well – orange was a very popular colour in the late 60’s.

I made 8 traditional granny squares to measure 16.5cm (6½”) each – all the same as the one shown below.

If you’d like to know how to crochet a traditional granny square, there are many free YouTube videos – here is a good one but be aware that US double crochet stitch is UK treble crochet stitch.

how to crochet a granny square


How frustrating is it when you come to a knot in the yarn?

Here is Michelle’s pattern showing how to join the squares….

… and here are my 8 granny squares stitched together but not yet joined to make one piece.

A fringe, made with 3 strands of yarn, is essential to the look of this top.  I decided it would be easier to attach a fringe while the squares were flat on the table before joining them to make the top complete.

The thin straps were crocheted using 3 strands of yarn and a simple chain stitch.

Here’s how I kept the 3 yarns from tangling.

The finished top will be donated to a retro charity shop and I hope someone enjoys wearing it – even if it’s for fancy dress!  Here’s the ‘flat’ shot …

… and after much persuasion, here’s Annie modelling it, but she refused to take her tee-shirt off!


I’ve had plans to make some more pods for a while now and as flowers were popular in designs in the 60’s I thought I’d make a floral one for the 4th quarter challenge.

Usually I put the design on the outside after the fibres are all laid down but this time I decided to do it in reverse. I think it would have worked well with a simpler design but it bent my brain trying to lay down felt flowers, yarn outlines and background fabrics in reverse!

In the end I laid out the design for the first side face up over a template circle so I’d only have to do the other side in reverse.  It was quite complicated with having to wrap the design round the edges.

Then I put the resist on top and flipped it all over so that the design faced into the resist.

I laid down the first layer of fibres over the design then carried on making the pod in the usual way.

After I took the resist out I turned it inside out to reveal the design then carried on felting to shape the pod.  I didn’t really think it through – maybe it would have been easier to just put the design on the outside.  But it was fun to make.  Although it’s not perfect it’s not wasted time – any time spent experimenting and making is time well spent if you ask me!





20 thoughts on “hippie-style crocheted top & colourful floral felted pod – 4th quarter challenge

  1. I’m feeling those 60s vibes for sure! Love the top (don’t tell my fellow goths) and the pod would look great next to a lava lamp 🙂

  2. Bravo Lyn, both items definitely have a 60s vibe. The crochet top bought back many memories of endless squares, and mini-dress envy.

  3. Way to go Lyn and Annie! Both pieces turned out wonderfully and definitely have a 60’s vibe. I remember doing crochet as a child but I haven’t done any for ages.

  4. Spot on with colour, granny squares & hippy flowers….aaaaah so many memories come flooding back!

    Both projects turned out very well.
    Would love to have seen Annie’s face when she tried the top on!

  5. Well done both, very 60s. Mind you from what I’ve seen of the costumes worn at festivals these days, I think the top would fit in very well.

  6. Move over Austin Powers, the gals are back in town!

    Love the top Lyn – 60’s vibe through and through. I’m visualizing it here with a pair of bell bottoms and, like the song goes, ‘be sure to wear some flowers in your hair’.

    On the topic of flowers – fabulous bowl Annie. Everything about it has brightened up my day. Love it!

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