Moving along a bit.

Moving along a bit.

I did finish the felting part of the 3 pieces I started last time.

First the lantern cover. I am not entirely happy with the way it felted. I was hoping it would be more solid. However, there was so much non-wool fibre it ended up very soft and holey.

It will still work for this application but it wouldn’t stand up to being a scarf.  It looks cool just not what I planned. Sometimes that is the way it goes.

The first one is just on the vase the second is the lights turned on and the last is with the lights on in the dark.


The first picture felted up nicely. I used the thicker mostly felted prefelt I have and it is nice and firm after felting. It shrank a little but I was able to pull it back out to 5×7. I am not sure which way up it should go is it land and sea/stormy sky?


Or is it land and sunset sky? what do you think? I haven’t decided on what I will add to the picture now. Maybe some needle felting or some stitching or both.



The next one that wasn’t wet yet in the last blog also worked out very well. I felted it onto a piece from a fulled, woven wool coat. The fabric didn’t shink but the wool attached pretty well.

The embellishments are attached but look to be floating rather than part of it.   I think I may rewet it and felt it some more. The embellishment fibres are not very well attached. I like it though.


After writing this I decided the wool was well felted so I would needle felt the embellishments in rather than rewetting it. They lost some of the brightness but I still like it.


I have an experiment to show you next time and maybe if I figure it out, some idea of what I will do with these pieces.


6 thoughts on “Moving along a bit.

  1. Wow – the light looks wonderful! The pleats are great because it makes it look good with or without illumination and the organic top is pretty.

    The first picture looks right either way but I vote for the land, sea and stormy sky.

    It’s a shame that the embellishments on the second picture faded back with needle felting but that’s the nature of it. The sky is lovely and the horizon is a pretty blend of colours with hints of red.

    1. Thanks Lyn, it just sort of fell into angled wrinkles so I just went with it. I like the stormy sky too. although green is usually a tornado. Maybe I can felt one in the distance and add a scarecrow. LOL I may add some more embellishment fibres.

  2. All of these turned out great. I really like the lantern even though it wasn’t what you thought it would be. I’m looking forward to seeing the end results on the pictures.

  3. A word came to mind when I saw the lamp Ann … dramatic. The pleating really add to that drama. Like Ruth I am excited to see what will be your choices on the pictures.

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