Playing with Nuno Landscape Design

Playing with Nuno Landscape Design

I have started working/playing with my green nuno felt landscape. When I last posted about it, I showed you an idea that I got from layering a photo over the landscape in Photoshop. I liked the dreamy look of the landscape. Now how to create it in fabric and stitch?

I had stamped some silk organza with a flower design for another project. Perhaps it would work for the landscape? So I started playing with different fabric choices and placement.


I added more fabric and then covered with a pale yellow green nylon organza (you can see it on the right edge) to see if it gave it that “misty” feeling. It was OK but not exactly what I wanted.

I took away the overlay and added some white lace for the floral component. That is starting to look better. I think the background behind the upper flowers either needs a grey or blue overlay of sheer fabric to make it seem farther in the distance. I didn’t really see that until I looked at the photo.

Then I wanted to compare using silk paper (flower on the right) for the flowers instead of lace. I am leaning towards the lace.

That’s as far as I have gotten on the planning process. It involves many trials of putting fabric on and off. Taking photos of each trial. Figuring out how I can integrate the applique into the background. Deciding whether I am going to use machine or hand stitching. The process is definitely a journey!

12 thoughts on “Playing with Nuno Landscape Design

  1. Lace or silk? Tough decision as both look good. Love the orange in the foreground. Enjoy the trials – it’s time consuming but each time you find the right piece it’s like winning the lottery!

  2. Ruth, I love all the ideas you’ve given, and the possibilities seem limitless! I told a fiber friend several years ago, I could see such possibilities in the future for felting. I’m happy to see it to fruition. 😉

  3. I like what you are doing with it Ruth. I like the lace more then the silk on the flowers. the bright wight and orange really add dimension. I am looking forward to seeing how things change as you play with it.

  4. It is so interesting to see the process you are going through to complete your piece. I am excited to see the finished artwork.

  5. Interesting to read & see your thought process….
    I definitely agree about softening the upper background (grey/blue sheer) to enhance the depth. For the foreground flowers, the lace provides the necessary detail of something close up. If the silk paper were muted it would be ideal for more distant flowers where detail is lost.
    Looking forward to seeing how you piece progresses.

    1. Thanks Antje! Good idea about using the silk paper in the background. I could add a little grey blue paint to mute it, perhaps, I will have to try that.

  6. I am intrigued by your whole process when producing your pieces Ruth. Especially the use of photography, It is something I had never considered before I read your posts on the subject. Would love to find out more about how you apply it.

    Looking forward to seeing further progress on this gorgeous piece.

    1. Thanks Helene! I just came up with this idea of combining photos with my Nuno backgrounds. So it’s an experimental process. I’m working it out as I go.

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