1st Quarter Challenge – Part Two

1st Quarter Challenge – Part Two

When I posted last time, I showed you the felted portion of my 1st Quarter Challenge piece. The next step was to start free motion machine stitching to add more detail.

First to find some thread that would work with the colors of the felt. I used all of these except for one of the reds.

I started with dark green thread and worked on the stems, leaves and bud. I kept the inspiration photo by my sewing machine so it was easier to see where I needed to add stitching.

Next was the light green thread. I just used it for  a few highlights on the stems, bud and top of the big leaf.

Now on to the poppies. I used a light pink for highlights. Somehow, I always forget how much the machine stitching compacts the felt. It makes the unstitched portions feel very puffy.

Then I add some yellow for the centers of the poppies.

Next is the medium value red. You can’t see it very well because it is the same value as the main poppy color. But perhaps it gives a bit more definition of the edges.

Then on to adding a little more dark value where it was needed. Afterwards, I put it up on the design board and stepped back a little. Looking for anything that didn’t look right or drew the eye too much in one place. The areas that bothered me were the top poppy there seemed to be a straight pink line coming down to the bottom of the flower. And the bottom poppy, I thought the pink at the bottom center was a bit too much.

So I added a bit more burgundy in those two areas to tone down the pink just a little. So it’s complete. You can click on the photo to see it up close. Thanks for the challenge, Lyn and Annie!


19 thoughts on “1st Quarter Challenge – Part Two

  1. This looks great. I half expected the finished picture to be a sort of Stumpwork with the original folds of the petals proud of the background. Whatever it looks very good and I particularly like how the leaves have turned out. I really must get the sewing machine out again.

    1. Thanks Ann, I have made a few pieces in the past that had “stumpwork” type petals but this one is flat. I love using my sewing machine on felt.

    1. Thanks Jo, you should try free motion embroidery, it’s fun. I have an online class coming up on the subject if you are interested. Just look in the menu above.

  2. The flowers are wonderfully enhanced by your machine stitching – what a difference between the first and last photos!
    It was interesting to read how you decided what to do next and to see the stitching progress.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed reading about the process. I always have a hard time stopping once I start machine stitching. I want to keep going and adding more, pretty soon ending up with the entire piece covered with thread. Luckily, I was able to stop before that happened this time.

  3. It turned out so well, Ruth. I enjoyed hearing about your thread choices and seeing how much they enhanced your picture. You’ve definitely captured the essence of your image without copying it.

  4. Beautiful Ruth! I just set your first and last photos up side by side on my laptop and it’s just gorgeous how animated the ‘after’ photo is. The piece has really come to life. I love how you picked up your colours and your level of colour discernment. I hope you will frame this piece!

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