Hello From Romania

Hello From Romania

This is a guest post from a new contributor to our site. Please welcome Ildi Klozsi!

I’m Ildi Kolozsi from Romania, Europe. I live with my family in a small village in Transylvania. I started working with wool about 18 years ago, and from then on I have had a special connection with this material.

The wool is part of my life, sometimes I dream of my next project or work. I love to try new techniques.

I also teach adults and children, I think that it’s very important (for everyone) to recognize the beauty of this natural material.

The project that I have showed you in this post was made for a custom order, she wanted something with birds, not too much color and inspired from nature.

I love to felt bird designs, maybe because I live close to nature, I’m part of this.

25 thoughts on “Hello From Romania

  1. Really lovely work. Great design, beautifully made. I hope you will post again soon and tell us a bit more about what you do & how you do it. I’d like to know more!

    1. I love your work Ildi – it’s always so precise. I still haven’t managed to get my lines as exact as you do, even when I watched one of your videos!

  2. Ildi, do you do a combination of crewel embroidery and felting? The work is spectacular, colour combinations are wonderful and the workmanship is amazing, congratulations.

  3. Hi, Ildi! Welcome to the blog posting adventures 😀 Your work is lovely, I’m looking forward to seeing more of it in the future 🙂

  4. Welcome and what a wonderful and talented addition to the group! Thank you for sharing and I hope to see more on how you do this.

  5. I love this technique! The result is beautiful! It looks like you also did some stitching on the top. I would love to try it. What is the white, and the darker fiber? It looks fairly course. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Welcome Ildi! Thanks so much for your introductory post. It sounds like our readers would love to hear more about your process, what wool you use and how your creation is put together. The design is beautiful and the result is fantastic.

    1. Thank you for invitation,I use wool from my country,nothing special,I will try next time to write more about techniques

  7. Welcome Ildi to our diverse group with one thing in common – fibre & textiles.

    Your commission piece is beautiful – rich and delicate in terms of colour and design. Your client must be delighted.

    Like many above I would love to learn more about your work & also the path that brought you to this technique.

  8. I have been off the technology grid for a while so apologies for this late response. You are very welcome to this glorious group Ildi! I absolutely love your work which I have seen through social media. You live in a wonderful part of the world. Your piece is stunning. I’m sure the client was delighted with it!

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