Snowman Ornaments Complete

Snowman Ornaments Complete

Thanks for all the suggestions for completing the back of my snowmen ornaments. There were some great ideas which I might have tried except for the fact that this was supposed to be a quick project. I have seven ornaments and I already have thought of more than seven people that I could give them to as holiday gifts. So I really couldn’t do them back to back or I would have had to double my workload. I liked the idea of a cord around the edge or blanket stitch to snazz up the design, but again, that would take much more time than I have allowed myself for this project. So I took the easy way out and fused black craft felt circles to the back of each ornament. Before I did that, I stitched on a hanger with some black shiny cord that I have in my stash.

Here’s the back of one of the ornaments. I didn’t worry too much about an exact circle but just cut them to match the felted circles. You can definitely tell it’s hand crafted!

And here they are all together. I kept thinking I should be naming them like the Seven Dwarves, Happy, Bashful… But they were all fairly happy so I wasn’t sure I could come up with enough names meaning Happy.

I did use plastic over the last set of six while felting to see if there would be less transfer of black and red fiber to the snowman face. It was slightly less and definitely kept the surface of the felt a little smoother. The one on the bottom right is the one I didn’t use plastic on when felting and it is a little darker than the others, maybe.

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And here they all are separately a bit bigger. All the faces were stitched with #5 perle cotton and the hat bands are sari silk ribbon. I don’t usually do “cute” so it was a departure from my usual style but I enjoyed creating the different faces on each one.

Have you created any holiday decorations this year? We’d love to see over on the forum, you can post any photos of your hand crafted holiday creations here (either past or present).

14 thoughts on “Snowman Ornaments Complete

  1. Very jolly. They look lovely and make a very characterful gang with all their different faces & snazzy hat bands. I’m sure the recipients will be delighted with their handmade gifts. I am completely with you on not normally doing ‘cute’ but I think it’s ok to make an exception, just occasionally!

    1. Thanks Lindsay, I guess this is my one exception for cute for the year! I enjoyed creating the different faces and seeing their personalities emerge.

  2. You did a good job with ‘cute’ – they are all lovely and make me smile. It’s a shame you’ve decided to give them away as they make a great set.

    I adore the handmade look to anything – I’d rather have an organic look any day!

    1. Thanks! They do make a great set but they would be wasted on me. I have turned into a scrooge lately and rarely decorate much. So hopefully they will get more use with other people.

  3. I love the way you’ve given them each a different face and like Lyn I couldn’t help smiling at them! I’m with you on not normally doing cute but if there’s one time of the year we can do it, and get away with it, it’s right now….I will share my “cute” decorations in next Saturdays blog post.

  4. Ruth your set of Snowmen is definitely smile inducing 😜 I just love the different expressions you’ve achieved. They would be great as a complete set as Lyn said, but I’m sure each recipient will be delighted with their unique ornament.

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