Cute distractions and stashes

Cute distractions and stashes

I am writing and scheduling this post ahead of the imminent new regulations to be announced in two days time by BJ….so typing with fingers crossed, is a little like patting one’s head and rubbing one’s tummy!

The reason for my contortions is that we are expecting to meet our newest member of the family, now 8 weeks old. The visit was not originally on our calendar as they live out of the country, but circumstances have intervened – our daughter has fractured the head of her femur and if it shears off, she will need a joint replacement. C-19 totally prevented me from getting to them (Arrrrgh 😤😭) so with doctor’s certificates they are coming with wheelchair and baby et al for some much-needed help and TLC.

The imminent visit is having an effect here in the house….a grand clear-up! Whilst my garden archaeology (finding what once was 4 years ago) is on hold, I have been tackling large sewing projects put to one side ‘for when I have time’ – the ones that have piled up for way, way, too long.

In addition to this activity, I wanted to create a personal little welcome for our Grandson. Thinking of a friend’s story with her grandchildren whereby on their visits she always has a little something tucked into their pillows I decided to make a ‘pocket’. It is a work in progress….


Drawing out the letters and reversing them ready to draw onto Bondaweb. If I’m making one it makes sense to make one for our next youngest grandchild too (sadly, also an out of country resident!)

Fabric for little boys….denim of course! I took an already de-constructed and very worn pair of jeans from my stash.

I fiddled with the fabric to work out the construction….as many of you will have read previously – I often work things out as I go along, my thought process being like filtered coffee. Thankfully and necessarily, the filtered result came quickly!

I much preferred the back of the fabric (rather than the old, worn, almost see through, bleached front) so joined the pieces of leg fabric to allow for my construction.

Left overs bits….some for my stash box, threads from painstakingly pulling out threads to find the grain edges (for possible use in felt pieces etc) and some ‘fiddled with’ pieces for future sewing activities!

Then it was into my stash box to find appropriately colourful bits of fabric. It is here that I have to admit to having several stashes, all ironed and tidy – for large, medium and small pieces of fabric and another box for tiny bits….a ‘neat-nic’….guilty as charged!

Sadly, no photos, but I cut out the fabric letters and ironed them onto the base to start my appliqué stitching. Deciding to use Perlé thread, it was a dive into yet another stash to find the right colours.

In the meantime, my vast stash of ribbons, edgings and bias tape let me down – I just couldn’t find what I needed.

You will have now realised that I have many ‘stashes’ (hence the title of this post) and like so many of you I’m sure – all my stashes have been collected over many years (read that as decades!). Where would we be without them? But I digress….

I can count on one hand how many trips I’ve made into the high street since March, but this was totally an ‘essential’ trip! Strangely I can’t remember shopping for decorative haberdashery items for sooooo long that the prices took me totally by surprise – ‘how much for a metre?’ In the second shop I finally found my ‘ah-ha, that’s the one’.

Stitching then commenced. The back shows the faded jeans and my attempts to keep the stitching neat.

Tadaa….thus far!

Once all the hand stitching is complete, I’ll add interfacing and lining then tape the edges – I’ll post the finished ‘pocket’ next time.

I hope, by the time you read this, that I will be a less frustrated mum finally able to care for her offspring (with no more crossed fingers) and also a proudly doting Grandmother too….definitely a cute distraction!

18 thoughts on “Cute distractions and stashes

  1. I finished F’s pillow pocket in time (complete with its little something!) & yes they made it. A delightful, happy, exhausting time….saying goodbye yesterday was very hard, but I’ve so many memories to treasure.

  2. Really like the pocket lettering – very joyful and beautifully done. It reminds me of embroidering my name on the back of my jeans in 1970-something! Sounds like your family situation is very tricky. Glad the visit was so successful and hope you have many more to enjoy very soon.

    As for stashes! Renting a studio has given me the opportunity to collate them and sort of legitimise them as ‘work items’. Oh, and of course keep adding to them. I still cannot pass up a nice charity shop silk scarf even though I have 2 huge boxes full (neatly folded categorised by colour of course).

    1. Thanks Lindsay….ahh someone else who remembers the 70s!

      You are a mathematician too….charity shop + finds = increased stashes 😂

  3. This looks super cute! What a great idea, I bet the little ones (ok, the parents of the little ones) loved them.

    I’m in awe of your stash organisation skills. I’m thinking you might like to move in with me and sort mine out 😀
    I am reminded that this island has a great charity shop tradition where one can find lots of goodies to keep, and that the one closest to me was selling embroidery thread for 20p each… I’m tempted. We need a blog post on how you’ve gotten your stuff over the years! It’s always interesting knowing these Stash Journeys, everyone has a different one 🙂

    1. You’re right at the parental delight, another 2 years & hopefully I will have smiles from the little one.
      Imagine hearing about all our stash journeys….there really would be an interesting array of stories.

  4. Lovely stashes! The new purchase of rainbow ric-rac looks so good on the denim as do your pretty letters and stitching.
    It will be treasured for sure.

    Will you show us Joshua’s as well as Freddie’s finished pocket?

    It was a rather harrowing reason that you were able to spend time with loved ones but glad to hear that it went well.

  5. Thanx Lynn.
    Hopefully when she gets back to her medics/MRI scans she will get good news. Imagine moving through the airports….trolley loaded with luggage, pushed by daughter in her wheelchair (carrying more luggage) all pushed by her husband also carrying Freddie in a baby carrier – it must have been quite a spectacle!

    Joshua’s pillow pocket is almost complete, and yes, I will show it….hopefully with brighter photos!

  6. I am so glad you found a way to help and get to see your grandson during the Covid restrictions even if it was for such a terrible reason. The pocket is delightful, wonderful colours. I am also amazed when my stash doesn’t contain what I need.

    1. I will treasure the memories of him snuggling in. Whilst they were here I acquired a new nickname….the baby whisperer! That said he only ever cried if he was tired or hungry!

      I’m reassured that I’m not alone with my stashes not having what I need, but it was ever thus! A few years ago I decided to use up some of my yarn stash by crocheting a bed runner. It was going well, but then I didn’t have the right colour to complete the task….you guessed it….I ended up with more wool than I had started with!!!

  7. What a lovely post and so nice to hear the update that the visit was able to happen. Freddie’s pillow is beautiful, I also love how you’ve done the lettering, and I’m sure it will be treasured. I’m now dreading a call out for photos of our stash(s) as my silk fabrics are simply crammed into boxes and need ironing each time I take one out….I could save so much time if I kept them tidy!!

    1. Thanks Karen.
      I learnt to pack at an early age, and being a neat-nic i can pack extremely well (the pint into the half pint pot, but that’s another story!)….the downside is things are too tight & very heavy. So whilst it might be a pain with the ironing, I really envy you being able to ‘rummage’.

  8. Congratulations on the latest addition to your family, and I hope that your daughter makes a smooth and swift recovery. The pocket is lovely, and I’m sure Freddie’s parents will appreciate it, even if he just wants to put it in his mouth!

    PS I have Perle thread envy. 🙂

    1. Thanks Kim.
      The pocket turned out ok considering I did it on the hoof!
      Believe it or not, I was trying to stitch clouds on the next pocket but…………NO white! 😤😤 I’ve found an alternative thankfully. I then had to make a conscious effort to close my internet searches for….more perlé thread 🤪

  9. Congratulations on your new grandson! How exciting to get to see them, but sorry about your daughters unfortunate circumstance. It’s great you’ll be able to help out and to see your family. Oh, and the Freddie pocket is great and so cheery looking. Enjoy your family!

    1. Thank you Marilyn. I’ve soaked up every precious moment.
      I’m glad you like the pocket, Freddie’s parents really wanted to take it home with them, but I persuaded them to leave it – for its future purpose.

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