A New Drop Spindle and the Holiday Card Exchange

A New Drop Spindle and the Holiday Card Exchange

In early September I came across the website John Galon Designs. I think I found the link in a spindle group on Facebook but I don’t remember. https://johngalen.com/  He makes beautiful spindles, many from old, timepieces. I didn’t get a timepiece one but I did get one.

Here is the reveal

Are you ready? here it is:

It is a very pretty and cool spindle. The acrylic in the middle is actually clear but the purple of the spindle radiates out through it. There are about a dozen colours to choose from. I am really pleased with it. Now I need to spin properly with it. I am not used to a spindle with such a small whorl.

The other thing I wanted today is to announce the 2020 holiday card exchange on the Felting and Fiber Studio Forum.  We have been doing a card exchange for several years now. Its a fun and easy way for us to share a little cheer at this time of year.

You can sign up on the forum, here: Holiday Exchange link

the deadline to sign up is Oct 24th, Partners will be assigned ( by random generator) on Oct 25th

You have to make a felt card and send mail it to your partner by Nov 14th

Once you receive your card you post a picture of it on the forum

The cards do not have to be Christmas cards they can be anything. There is a lot going on in late December and there is New Year too.   We are starting a little early this year and on a tighter timeline, having you ship earlier so the cards have a good chance to get there for the holiday season.

Here are a few I have made over the years




10 thoughts on “A New Drop Spindle and the Holiday Card Exchange

  1. It’s a beautiful spindle – almost too good to use – and your favourite colour too.

    Love the card with the sheep under the tree. Having seen some photos of your house with animals in it that needed TLC for a while, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some real sheep under your tree!

    1. It is very pretty in person but I will use it. I love adding sheep tho pictures. I have had lambs in the house at Christmas. It is a cold time year to be born.

  2. I’m sure you will enjoy using your beautiful spindle.
    Sheep – I wouldn’t have expected anything less on your cards, or even under your tree.

  3. your new spindle is spectacular! it was fun to see it last weekend!
    the card exchanges sounds like lots of fun. im still up to my ears in wet fleece! let me see if i can get any of that dryed! then i will have a moment to breath!

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