Mad Hatting

Mad Hatting

July has been another crazy moth, since the UK government announced almost everyone must wear a face covering in shops as well as on public transport I have had almost no time for felting. When I started making masks for friends and family in late April I never for a moment thought I would sell more than 1,000 and donate several hundred more. It has been a strange time but I hope my efforts are in some small way limiting the spread of this nasty virus.


In amongst all the furious cutting and sewing my online students have been keeping me sane, unwittingly allowing me to live vicariously through their posts, revelling in their felt-making while I could not make any myself. Thank you all, you have no idea how much solace and inspiration your beautiful felted creations have provided over the past few months.


I hope you all enjoy their works as much as I did….


















































I am frequently asked about how to make a concertina style witch’s hat so, finally, and long overdue, I got around to making one this week. I am relieved to discover the plan of action I suggested when asked how to make one does actually work in practice 🙂






A new set of class dates has just been agreed, you read it here first!


Registration will open on Sep 15th, with the first felting tutorial posted on Sep 24th and the forum will remain open for sharing, discussion and questions until Nov 15th.


If you would like to receive an email notification just before registration opens please email indicating if you would like to hear about the concertina hat or the bag class (or both!).

17 thoughts on “Mad Hatting

  1. All the hats are splendiferous! The students must have a good teacher!

    You’ve probably reached the ‘I never want to sew another mask ever again’ stage.

    1. Thank you, you are too kind [blushes bright pink], I consider myself very fortunate to have such lovely, extremely creative and curious students. They are all so kind and supportive of each other too, I am delighted to report the current group are demonstrating the same traits, it is truly endearing to see.

      Yes, like most sewers I reached the “I never want to see another bl**dy mask as long as I live” a few weeks ago and seem to be sleep sewing more and more these days, I start a mask fully conscious of what I am doing but then discover it is finished and I have no recollection of doing it!

  2. I took this course a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it! Seeing these photos makes me want to do it again!! Fabulous results ladies and fabulous contribution via your masks Teri.

  3. those snail hats have me thinking of octopus hats!! (No i must not get distracted again untill after i finish all the Mer’s and there pets!) thanks for the insperations!! it looks like it was a fabulous class!

    1. Oooh and octopus hat….. now there is a tempting thought! 🙂 Yes, I think everyone had fun making their amazing hat collections and I definitely enjoyed seeing them all 🙂

  4. Great job on making masks and I hope you can stop soon. Sleep sewing sounds dangerous as I would probably sew through my fingers.

    Your witch hat is glorious and your students are certainly creative too. Wonderful collection of hats.

    1. Thank you Ruth, I often find myself wishing we weren’t so geographically separated, it would be amazing to have a catwalk show of all these amazing creations wouldn’t it? I will just have to satisfy myself with the online hat gallery (the link is under online classes>concertina hat with Teri Berry for anyone who has not seen it) 🙂

      Not managed to sew through my fingers yet but I have stabbed myself with the pins a few times, the worst being when the pin slid under my finger nail, that really hurt!

  5. My daughter has ordered a rainbow hat starting with purple around her face. I’m loving the class and fully recommend it. I have seen most of Liz’s hats , they are all fab.

    1. Thank you Jo, looking forward to seeing your rainbow creation! 🙂

    1. Thank you Ann, I am looking forward to returning to full-time felt-making but every mask helps, keep up the good work! 🙂

  6. We certainly had an inspiring and supportive teacher! It was a great course and I’m still making hats! How many can one person wear I ask myself!!
    I am in awe of your mask making. I made 12 and that was enough.

    1. Thank you Amanda I am glad you enjoyed the course and continue to make more hats, they are addictive aren’t they? You can never have too many, and when you do you just need to persuade everyone around you to wear them too, or better still buy them! 🙂

      Twelve masks is great, I am sure your family and friends appreciated them and just imagine all the disposable masks you are preventing from going to landfil 🙂

  7. Terryberry
    Your hats from students are making us giggle at a time we sorely need that. Thank you!!!

  8. All the hats are great!

    I agree with Ruth I’d be sewing my fingers if sleep sewing. Kudos to you for stepping up during this crazy time to make all those masks.

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