Felting Alfresco (outside! Its Summer!) Mer-Pet 2  part 2; Parts are missing, She needs her mouth and abdomen!!

Felting Alfresco (outside! Its Summer!) Mer-Pet 2  part 2; Parts are missing, She needs her mouth and abdomen!!

Felting Alfresco (outside! Its Summer!)

Mer-Pet 2  part 2; Parts are missing, She needs her mouth and abdomen!!

Next day it was back to the side yard and I started working on the inside of the mouth

132 1-3  I have to think about this, I have it unfolded. So am I working on the roof or floor of the mouth? I got myself sorted out, wrapped the wire and added the base layer. Let’s look at the details of what the mouth should look like.

   4-7 reference images for mouth

The last 2 manta are swimming upside down. The upper lip looks deeper than the original photos I had viewed.

Consulting the open mouth photos I had found, I added the gill arches and gill rakers.

These poor guys are being caught and killed for the gill rakers which are used as Chinese medicinal products to the point there numbers have dropped significantly. Dive groups are trying to educate governments that live Rays will generate more money through tourism (dives/snorkel tours) rather than what they will get from a corpse.

 8–11 Adding the gill arches and gill rakers

12-13 Glenn holding the parts together.



14 I added the dark interior to the upper pallet of her mouth.

I also extended the upper lip which seemed to be longer than I had originally thought from other photos I was consulting. This is likely a mistake. I suspect the image I was looking at was falsely labelled as a manta and was a Mobular of unusual sized and colour. (Another option is that this manta has had Lip Injections to make her look sexier to any male manta who is a lip man?) I may be able to decrease the extension a bit.

Now for the outer gill flaps on the underside of the body.

 15-16 making gill pieces

I used pins to hold the folded edge of the gill pieces. They work well to keep my fingers away from the pointy end of the needles and acted like handy extra hands.  I left the wispy side un-felted to improve attaching the gill covers.

By feeling from the underside, I located the first and last gill arch. I used a bit of grey fibre to indicate the position on the outside of the body. I estimated the position for the gills in between.

17-18 adding gills

If you are going to make a manta and want to add gills I would strongly suggest starting with the one farthest away from the mouth and work back towards the mouth.

Now let’s add the lower jaw/ gills smoothing into the body.

  1919 Checking the back after attaching the abdomen/mouth. Looks good.

2021 20-21 Check the attachment on the underside and the alignment of the mouth

The join to the body on the underside is too severe an angle. I will need to add more fibre to smooth the join between the body and wings. I also noticed that the join between the lower jaw and underside of the Cephalic fins needs a bit of work and the jaw angle is off a bit too.


Back to the side yard and let’s do the final adjustments to the understructure. It’s a bit warm today but there is a light breeze.

22-23 the side yard studio, it was a bit warm.

242524-25 working on her lip problem. I used the edge of the foam I was holding my needles in.

26272826-28 I started to blend the body with the wings. I also thickened the white fibre on the underside of the wings.

It was good to see one of my Guild Friends drop by on her way to do other errands. I picked the catnip behind the big anvil for her furry kids to enjoy.

 29 -30  if you look very closely the slightly rusty coloured thing under the very large plant of catnip is a large anvil.

Now Glenn can use his hammer and anvil again without attracting all the neighbourhood cats! (aromatic hammered catnip not as good as it sounds)

Then it was time to get back to work, but more on that next week.


9 thoughts on “Felting Alfresco (outside! Its Summer!) Mer-Pet 2  part 2; Parts are missing, She needs her mouth and abdomen!!

  1. A bit warm ?? We would have melted in that temperature !

    The detail you put into your needle felt is amazing and so worthwhile for the end result.

    1. the humidity was ok and there was a light breeze between the houses so it didnt feel that hot. but i have since been driven inside from the humidity and the rain! we are one of the places on the planet that can have +40c and -40c within the year but not as much cold as we use to have.

      Thankyou! i have been enjoying the resurch part of these projects too. trying to find photo reference from difernt angles it has led to lots of image browsing. there is a lot to lurn from just looking

  2. She is coming along so well now.

    I can’t help wishing it was possible to educate the Chinese and other people who use animal parts as medicines, especially aphrodisiacs, that it’s wrong and all in the mind, and they should allow the animals to live with all their necessary parts. Think bear gall, rhino horn etc as well as manta ray gill rakers.

    1. thanks Ann, i am pleased with her progress!

      Yes if people want aphrodisiacs, thay should have to give up there own cartalage to acheeve it. it only makes sence that there own would be the most potent! (bet that would curb there interst)

  3. Wow, I’m always amazed at the details and care you use to get the animal anatomy correct. Way to go, as it definitely provides a great end result. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished manta and the mer family with pets all together. Will they have a scene or diorama to live in?

    1. Thanks Ruth, i was thinking detachable form mobile so thay could get out and have fun insted of just hanging around! i am trying to talk Glenn into blacksmithing some sea weed branches

  4. thanks Ann, yes she looked inteseting from the top but the underside was a bit odd. now that she has the rest of her mouth and lungs she looks a lot more like a manta. now for a bit more shaping and then adding the colours

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