Slow Stitch Update

Slow Stitch Update

Sorry for the short post but I have been busy with my Level 3 Stitch class this past week. We are continuing online and even though I don’t have to travel, it seems to take more time this way. But at least we are able to move forward.

I have still been stitching for 15-20 minutes per day on my autumn nuno felted piece.


The last time I showed you it looked like the photo above. I continued to add more dark values in the rows of “aspen” trees and also added more dark green to the distant pine trees. Ann had commented that she didn’t see trees in this piece. Hopefully, the additions I made will make them more “tree like”.

Here it is after those additions of darker value.

And here’s a close up that shows the difference in the distant pine trees before and after adding more thinner thread in dark green. The trees on the left are finished as compared to the ones on the right.

So what do you think? Did adding the darker values help the distant tree lines?

I hope you’re staying well and spending time being creative. Thanks for stopping by!

12 thoughts on “Slow Stitch Update

  1. It’s surprising how much progress can be made by steadfastly doing a bit each day! The close up shows just how many stitches you’re making and it’s looking good.

  2. I love this: so many beautiful tiny stitches that are building and building on the background. I truly admire your discipline in working on it for a short time every day too. I’m more of a binge worker, which isn’t always a good thing. Best wishes for much beautiful, gradual progress.

    1. Thanks Lindsay! It is definitely a building process. I am enjoying it much more doing short sessions. I was feeling “forced” when I tried to stitch on it for longer time periods. I usually “binge” stitch with machine embroidery, but this seems overwhelming to try and get it done all at once.

  3. Lovely stitching. I’d love to see the piece in person when we can get back to meeting in person again!

    1. Thanks Penny, I would love to show it to you. I miss meeting in person but I’m sure we’ll be able to meet again post pandemic. Hopefully sooner than later 🙂

  4. Ruth,
    I think your piece is stunning. But do you want to put this much time into it? There must be a better way to add the seed stitch density you are doing??

    1. Thanks Sally, I am happy to spend the time stitching. I could certainly have taken less time with machine stitching but I like to have an ongoing hand stitch project.

  5. The darker stitches do make it better, Ruth. It is amazing how much you can get done in small amounts of time. Slow and steady wins the race. are you doing the class live over Zoom or just with written work?

    1. Thanks Ann, yes, I’m definitely the tortoise in this story 😉. We’re using go-to meeting. Sending photos back and forth ahead of time.

  6. It’s coming along beautifully. Kudos for keeping at it. I do like the darker tones and love all the texture.

    1. Thanks Marilyn, I don’t mind doing a few minutes a day so it’s becoming a habit to stitch first thing in the morning.

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