Cotton dyed and some new fibre.

Cotton dyed and some new fibre.

This week I dyed the cotton for the guild poker challenge and 3rd quarter challenge. The cards I picked for the poker challenge are cotton, blue, and metallic.   I didn’t want a solid blue so I used blue purple and blue/green. The blue cot absorbed into the green and purple and pretty much disappeared.

I thought I would overdye it with some blue. I just wanted to shift the colours. If you look carefully you can see blue water in the middle.

it didn’t really work. it may be a little more blue but I am not sure that isn’t just wishful thinking. Oh well, both blue/green and purple have blue in them.

I also received the Art Batts I bought in a friend’s online auction.

and this one

It is nice that they are so similar inside and out. Some I have bought have been completely different on the inside with different colours and/or fibres. I think these will be fun to spin.


8 thoughts on “Cotton dyed and some new fibre.

  1. That’s the nice thing about dyeing stuff – the outcome is often a pleasant surprise.

    The batts will make pretty yarn – please show us when you’ve made it.

    1. Dyeing is often a surprise. I can’t get into all the measuring and weighing to get it just so. It is more fun to wing it with colour. They should be fun to spin.

  2. That happens to me a lot, blue dye takes longer to strike so the other dyes strike first and the blue disappears. Hopefully, it will still work for you. The batts should make some beautiful yarn.

    1. Maybe next time I will dye it blue and then over dye with the other colours. they do look fun. I should be able to get some different types of yarn out of each.

  3. I love the dyed cotton! Such pleasing colors. What kind of cotton is it? The batts are beautiful as well. I look forward to seeing how you use them.

    1. I like the colours too. they are nice fall colours. I am not really sure what the cotton is called. its not a gauze but still not a tight weave. It is always hard to resist all the colours.

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