Some more interesting samples

Some more interesting samples

This week I made some more samples. The first is a sample of California red that my friend Bo gave me to try. the wool is an oatmeal colour with red hairs in it. There is only a small amount she had combed.

It felted quickly and well. It is fairly firm. I don’t like the hairs init. I am sure they will shed out. They are not held in the felt very well at all and slide out without and force. it might be good for backing a fake sheepskin.

Finished wet:

Finished Dry

The next one I did was some wool I just got from Lithuania. Jan and I ordered some wool while there was free shipping. Jan will show you the unboxing in her next post.

This sample I am very happy with. It felted quickly and very firmly with no stretch. Usually, when a piece of felt is still wet you can stretch it this way or that to square it up. This one had very little give, perfect for some boots or some baskets.

Finished Dry. I think it would have been smoother if I hadn’t given it a really good scrunching.

The last sample was a new sample for my guild poker challenge. I used a much denser fabric. Even though is heavier it is still an open weave, and slightly wrinkled. On the front, I put some of the same cotton, scrunched up, then some sparkly nylon, silk and at the bottom some viscose.

This is what it looks like dry. There was lots of migration so everything was well stuck. I will leave these one big so you can see them well without having to click on them.

I think this cotton is just what I want. The next job will be to dye some of it for my project. It will fit right in with the 3rd quarter challenge. I am going to keep what I am making a secret for now.  😉





10 thoughts on “Some more interesting samples

  1. “Guild Poker Challenge”? The mind boggles!
    This all looks very interesting. I’m not keen on fleece with hairs either, especially when the hairs are a different colour to the main fleece.

    1. Hi, Ann, in this challenge we get dealt 3 cards that have thinks like a colour or monochrome or and one with some kind of fibre and one with extra bits like metallic or curls. we are aloud to trade one card back. I originally had Cotton, Florescent, and Metallic. I traded Florescent and got blue. Felting was new this year. Usually the guild does spinning and weaving. shedding fibre is not something I want to use except maybe for a picture.

  2. Agree – we’re not keen on wool with different coloured hairs in it.

    We’re really looking forward to seeing your new project – you’ve got off to a flying start by finishing your sampling for it.

    1. I suppose with them being a different colour they are easier to see and pull out but who wants to sit and do that.
      I am hoping to do they dyeing this week. It is indoor dying. It is to hot to do anything outside right now we got to 36 Celsius ( 97 Fahrenheit) with a humidex of 42c (108f).

  3. i got to see the samples yesterday at the Market. the blue with cotton sample also has the weard facceted nilon witch was vary reflective and made the sample of silk look vary plain. the sample for my boots and anns slippers looked vary furm and didnt have any stretch on the bius. i think i will want it about 3 times thicker for my boots so i may need to make shorter boots or order more fiber! thankyou for the sampling it realy is helpfull and i should do it too.

    1. The nylon is very cool fibre. I will help you do the math to figure out boots. we need to figure out the strange design first. Maybe we can play with paper to work out the design.

  4. Great samples Ann, it’s always fun to try new wool breeds that you haven’t used. Glad you found something for your new project. And good on you for starting the 3rd quarter challenge so early 🙂

  5. Wonderful samples Ann. I’m a big proponent of samples, less surprises when you get to the project. The blue with embellishments is intriguing. Have fun!

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