Thinking Positive, it was a demo opportunity – Mer-Man in progress

Thinking Positive, it was a demo opportunity – Mer-Man in progress

Short post (for me) today before painkillers kick in again.

Sometime, probably Friday morning I did something that insulted my back. But it waited till Friday evening to launch into its escalating counter attack.

I claim innocence! I sat on a chair and planted out little pots of seedlings (broadleaf basil, radishes and one of the two curly leaf parsley). The planters were chair height so I was not bending and the pots the seedlings were in were quite light, I did pull the new hose so I could water but that didn’t seem too unreasonable either.

But by early evening I had decided sitting was not an acceptable activity as far as the disk was concerned. I had a burning and buzzing nerve (on the wrong side) and very puffy tops of both feet.  When I tried to get up later in the night, I could not without a lot of help and a lot of pain. Luckily, I have been collecting helpful items that my former patients could see or borrow, including a quad-cane. I got to use it for the first time. It is a wonderful thing when you need it.


In the morning I was not much improved. We called Tella-heath and got the receptionist. After getting the gist  of the problem told me a nurse would call me back. The wait would be about 14 hours (which would have been 11pm). Oh well, at least I could then ask questions. (It also allowed me to try to watch the next installment of the mermaid felt along but I was distracted so I will watch it again) He called in the late afternoon and was quite helpful and said I should call the emergency to get instructions on their present procedures.

I gathered a basket while I charged the cell phone (it’s always dead when I want to use it). Glenn got me, the quad cane, a normal cane and the basket into the car. He dropped me at the doors to the hospital. I think a snail in good health could have passed me as I tried to walk. I was having a lot of trouble thinking as well as walking (pain can make it hard to think and remember). All I remember of the first instructions was follow the green dots and the woman had held up a square sticky but had not given it to me since I had both hands full with trying to stand up. The waiting room was divided and some of the chairs had been taped off. The green sticky people went quickly but there were a lot of blue sticky people. I seem to have been blue.

So I found a seat in the far corner by the window and pulled stuff out of the basket. First the paper moridi until the Tylenol from the intake nurse stated to kick in. then it felt safer I put on the audiobook and pull out felting needles. (See this did have felting in it – there will be more)


(I didn’t notice when I did their photoshoot that Mr. Mer seems to be receiving a scalenes acupuncture treatment!)

An orderly would come and escort a few people at a time out of the waiting area. When called I moved as fast as I could but could not keep up with the others (maybe they had escargot for breakfast?). The orderly seeing the problem found a comfy wheelchair, Got me seated and jogged me up the hall to catch up to the two he had sent ahead. Compared to the snail speed it felt like flying! I was parked in the comfy chair of wheels just outside one of the inside waiting rooms at the end of the nursing station.  Since the back seemed to deem the new sitting arrangement worthy it reduced its screaming and buzzing. So I pulled the Mer-Man from the basket and continued working on defining his Illiotibial bands (I.T. band).

First the kind orderly who brought me the chair stopped by on his way to a break.  I explained how the needles worked and showed him Lats, upper traps, SCM and delts (they are a little accentuated so when I do the top layer in a thin wash of colour they will still show). I also pulled out the Mer-Woman to show him the size comparison. He seemed, particularly, to like her (she is naked). Some of the nurses rushing by seemed curious but too busy to stop. (There was a very grumpy woman demanding they get her food and Adderall). I got to see a nice doctor who was quite patient with me (it was still hard to think). He checked the feet and back and suggested contact my doctor, a big increase in painkillers and blood work to check for clots. If the blood work came back negative, I could go home.  The very nice nurse who had been harassed by the yelling patent earlier did an excellent job of taking blood and gave me 6 more pills.

Sent back to my previous parking spot I noticed I was at the tail end of the wave of patients so everyone seemed to be much more relaxed.  The doctor I had seen, and some of the nurses stopped by to see what I was doing.  Again I told them how it worked and about online felting sites and the felt along on youtube. I also told the two that seemed very interested, about the local weaving and spinning guild that had a good number of felters in it. (We may have new members when this pandemic is done). the results came back as no blood clot so I could go home, I was very tired.  I got picked up at 12:30 and climbed into bed just after 1 a.m.

(you can see the clavicles on both and SCM on Mr.Mer. I am still exploring the legs being absorbed by the tail.)

I was very glad I had taken the basket of felting and one of the kumohimo disks with me. Most people were just sitting there looking unhappy and bored. I was in pain but definitely not bored. I’m sorry I didn’t think the back would allow me to bring the camera so no interesting pictures of tarps draped between sections of the waiting room and taped off chairs but I’m sure you can envision it. It is wonderful to have light portable interests you can take with you to these places you would rather not have to be. (I am sure given time and a less fogged brain I might be able to figure out a wet felting take along …..maybe in a zip lock bag to keep things from getting wet?)  Stay healthy and be careful of planting vegetables, they may be heavier than they look or felt!

12 thoughts on “Thinking Positive, it was a demo opportunity – Mer-Man in progress

  1. So sorry to hear about your predicament – we take our backs for granted and don’t notice them until they let us know they’re unhappy!

    Your needle felting is coming along so well and it did give you something to think about during your uncomfortable wait – it probably helped pass the time for a few others who became interested in what you were doing.

    You are right – we should all have a bag of ‘something to do’ that can be taken anywhere we might expect waiting time.

  2. thanks Annielynrosie
    i too am sorry to hear from my back! if only muscles would give you a quick note beside the bed in the morning of things thay will consider hanous offences for the day you could just avoiid them.

    i am pleased with the mer-people so far, i want to get my Mer-teen underfleting done so i can make shure there all in poportion befor going on to embelishments.

    i will tell you about the quadra-dent likly in the next post! (back willing)

    a bag or basket of someting to take with you that you can grab and run is always handy. no one expects the spanish inquisition or a sudden trip to the hospital, but its handy to have something to do while your stuck there.

    have a grate week and keep yours hands in warm soapy water!! unless your dry felting!

  3. Here’s hoping your back is soon back to normal Jan. Your Mer folk are looking fantastic and I agree, it’s a good idea to have a portable project that we can just pick up and take with us. When my partner had an eye operation earlier this year I took a felted brooch and sat embroidering it while I waited for him. Your mermaid is looking very comfortable in the arms of her man!

    1. thanks Karen, i think thay like each other too! wate till they find out thay have a teenage dotter!!! my neice is an amazing swimmer. she swims butterfly and dosnt sink to the bottom of the pool like i do! ( i do a respectible dog paddle but would prefer water if it was dryer) i will think of her as i make my Mer-Teen!
      have fun felting!!

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the mer family. I do hope your back sorts itself out soon. I too try to have something to take with me when going anywhere I might have to wait – I can’t bear being bored – I even take a book with me when I’m going shopping these days because of having to queue (with social distancing) to get into each of the shops.

    1. Thanks Ann! its good not to be bored but there is so much to do its hard to decide what to work on.i try to have my audio book with me if im out shopping, its fun to be read to. i aspier to shop again one day in person, so far i have seen 2 garden centers and a hardware store. im just missing a cuple herbs and i should have the garden (elivated pots i can sit and work at) all perchused. now to get them all planted! slow and steady and it will happen or my husband may get volinteared and i will supervize.
      Have fun felting!!

  5. Jan, so sorry to hear about your back. I know all about doing nothing to cause back pain. My first episode was in my early twenties sitting in a movie theater. Nothing more than that caused the first episode of back pain and radiating pain down my leg. It’s usually positioning that causes the issue (from my years as a physical therapist). I wish I was closer so I could help you with that. I would highly recommend this method of treating back pain:

    You might be able to find a physical therapist in your area that has taken these courses. I think he has taught them in eastern Canada. Just ignore this if you aren’t interested.

    Your mer family is looking good. I was just waiting in the hospital while my husband had surgery. I took along my stitching project to work on. Didn’t share much due to pandemic precautions. At least I got to be there to support my husband instead of him having to be by himself.

    1. thanks Ruth i will check it out. i am looking into the water exersize fizio place jsut west of us. usualy rocking on an excersize ball and external rotation of the affected side reduce irritation of the S.I. Jt and Perifomis but its not working so i have insulted someone other then ether of them! im suspecting disk L5/S1 on the left now. i gess i will find out more on thorsday.

      i am having a lot of fun with the mer family. i have ordered a cuple top colours that may help. and i think i better add a shark to go with the quadra dents. i will show you those next week!

      i am glad you got to go with him to the hospital. Glenn had to drop me off. i have sat with him or wated for him quite a few times its stressfull and would be much worse without a spinning wheel or some felting to work on. I hope he is doing well now!

  6. Jan as everyone has already said, your Mer couple are looking very sharp. Wow they have a teenager due & have missed out all the previous years!
    Looking forward to seeing them all, but not the shark!

    L5/S1 is a b****r. Unwanted sensations scoot down legs into the foot. Like Ruth I started early in life. Hope you get relief to it soon.
    Age is sometimes not kind to us & our bodies, but it does give us wisdom & experience to take a project when we have to play the waiting game. We all seem to be of one mind here. Not only does the activity help our busy fingers & ‘need-to-do-something’ mind but it Often seems to help others either by providing visual calming or conversational interest.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. I love the Mer couple! Can’t wait for the finished touches. I am so sorry for the pain in your back.. I hope you get it straightened out and feel better.

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