This and that.

I haven’t done much this week but I did decide to do some stitching on one of the circles I made earlier for the jewelry challenge. Seeing Antje’s post reminded me I had made a few stitching blanks. this one is just over 2.5 inches/7cm. I don’t think mine is quite as artistic but it was fun to do with the bright threads.

Next, I thought I would like to do something a little more 3D. I have a box of stretched silk hankies and bits of silk hankies left over from other felting.

I stretched out some circles from bits to make the flower bases.

And a bigger blog of pieces for leaves.

I added some wool.

And then some more silk hanky bits.

I rubbed them all and then I decided to roll them up and pop them in the dryer while I made a few small landscape blanks for stitching. I cut out some prefelt and added the sky and grass. They went into the dryer too and then it was time to feed the bottle lambs and head of to work.

Next week is our school break so I am hoping to get some felting time in.

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8 Responses to This and that.

  1. annielynrosie says:

    What a tease – you’ve shown us the beginnings of so many lovely things so now we are eager to read your next blog post!
    Your hand stitching is very pretty on the circle.

  2. ruthlane says:

    Lyn is right, tune in for the next post. Your disc looks great with the stitching, very geometric.

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing them finished. Enjoy your break and stay well!

    • I am hoping they are not too hard to finish. They extended our spring break to 3 weeks because of the Coronavirus so I should have lots of time.

  4. Antje says:

    I like the colours on your disc Ann, and such even stitching too.
    When is your next post? You are a tease!
    I’m looking forward to seeing your landscape pieces completed as they will have cute sheep I’m sure.
    How much longer will you need to feed your lambs?

    • Thanks, Antje. They will have sheep of course, how could they not. I am not promising the landscapes for the next blog post. I should have the flowers done though. That’s next Saturday I think another month for the older lambs gradualy talering them off. 6 weeks for the others I think.

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