A picture in progress

A picture in progress

I have been working on a picture this week I made the “blank” a while ago just a general ground and sky for a starting point.
I wanted to make a rock wall so I added the grey and started adding rock outlines with some nice grey yarn. I nearly forgot to take a picture.

After the wall, I needed to add a gate so the sheep can get in and out but not escape.

I added a little definition to create some depth to the mid-ground. I thought the horizon was not very interesting so I added some tree place markers. they are not the finished trees.

I think at this point I will wet felt it again. I am hoping it will improve the wall by incorporating the rock outlines. I am ok with the way it looks, but think it will be better after wetting and felting. I will then add some green curls to make the trees more dimensional and then some seep too. I think I will use curls for the close sheep and stitching for the ones farther away. I want to put some sort of vegetation/flowers in front. Not sure what though. I will have to search my inspiration file to see what I want to do.

This last weekend one of the local guilds held their annual spin in, in Chesterville.

There were lots of spinners

And lots of Vendors

I buy a few things.

I got a nice ball of Peace Fleece roving. It is roving and not top and it was on destash, so I thought why not give it a try, purple of course. I just missed and interesting green that I would have got as well.


I also bought some foot butter. You never know what you will find at one of these events.  but it looks like it will be easy to apply to my poor dry feet.

I bought a little sheep medalion/hangy thing from Isabell Rollin. It is an original design by Isabelle Rollin with copyright pending I just bought the smallest size she had to hang on my basket. . She had bigger medallions and some nametags she would add your name too and some magnetic scissor holders and other stuff. They were just so cute. There were other things like spindles and rug hooking frames too.




12 thoughts on “A picture in progress

  1. Love the wall and the gate!

    The ‘Spin In’ looks busy – in a good way – and the stuff on sale must have been so tempting.

  2. I really like the landscape- the wall is sheer genius, they are not easy. Wow what a super event, so many spinners and lots of goodies to tempt. The purple is wonderful.

  3. The felt picture is looking good. Maybe you could add a darker value in the cracks and perhaps a little moss? Looks like a successful spin in and the little medallion is really cute.

    1. Thank, Ruth. I wet felted it last night and I will be adding some shadow and some moss. The gate has been distorted so that will have to be sorted. It is a cute medallion. it sits on my basket just right. I am glad I didn’t get a bigger one, though they were tempting. If I didn’t already have a name tag, I would have bought one of them.

  4. Great picture. I’m looking forward to seeing it after it’s been refelted: it will be interesting to see how it changes.

  5. A busy, busy time for you with little sheep to feed, & little sheep to make!
    Your picture is developing & I’ll be interested to see the next stage & how the re-Felting changes the wall.

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