Studio Space -“Final” Layout

Studio Space -“Final” Layout

On my last post, I showed you my new studio space. I had just moved in and my beloved fibre was still very much scattered around, and I felt a little at a loss as to where I should place my furniture.

It’s been 3 months, so how have things progressed?


The quick answer is, very much as I’d expect – there’s still work to be done! For good reason, however: I’ve been busy working on a new collection and have been concentrating my energy on that instead of changing things around.


I did manage to add a little touch of whimsy to this corner. A few of my for-dyeing fibres are tucked in those cubicles, and I managed a way to show off a few o my hand spun art yarns, as well as some commercial ones I have plans for very soon.

Holes in the walls are a no-no, so I’m buying some MDF, placing it behind the shelves and  drilling that instead to keep my vertical storage organised. Having it propped against the walls as is isn’t agreeing with me.


My little reading corner, currently filled with work stuff. When I’m sewing I feel I never have enough space to place my finished items.
I managed to add a little artwork to the walls, to liven the place up. My ceiling is very high and the bare walls looked a little sad. Wish me luck when it’s time to remove them…


Placing the sewing table in front of my window was both smart and silly. I get plenty of light (my initial reasoning) but when it’s windy I can feel the draft from the window ventilation slots. For now, it stays where it is, but I might change it later.

Have I told you I named the sewing machine Marge?


My former dining table can be completely stretched now, which is lovely. It might look chaotic but every item is in use for my current project! Ok, most items are.
Spot the Christmas wreath in the background… it’s needle felted.


I made this wreath for my husband, who had to spend the holidays by himself in Scotland. I wanted him to enjoy a little seasonal joy and made this in a couple of hours. What do you think?

That’s my tour of the studio space. I’m still going to add more artwork to the walls, and might change the big table’s orientation. Other than that, I’m very happy with my work area and have found my energy is higher here, especially now that the days are growing longer. I’m looking forward to working in my corner during Summer.

16 thoughts on “Studio Space -“Final” Layout

  1. The wreath is a delight!
    Don’t worry about not being totally sorted – we are constantly re-arranging our spaces and it’s never finished to our satisfaction but we know it’s only temporary until we try again, so hey-ho.
    Marge has a lovely view – do your window vents have levers so that you can close them on windy days?
    You’ve had fun in Ikea then? The peg board is a great idea for keeping necessary stuff in view and the trolley is ace for having stuff to hand wherever you need it.
    Good luck with your new collection!

    1. It’s so true, we’re never really sorted. Since this isn’t my property, I also sometimes feel as if I shouldn’t put too much effort, since I’ll have to leave someday… ah well.

      My windows have no levers, no. A pity, since we do get quite a few windy days, and the breeze indoors is nothing to scoff at.

      Ha, I’ve been to IKEA too many times to count 😀 These all came from our last home but I could certainly pop by to get more useful stuff!

      Thanks, it’s been fun creating a whole collection!

  2. You done wonders to your space & it has energised you – great.
    For hanging things on the walls have you tried ‘Command’ strips, they are great & I’ve had some up for years? The company has a variety of different types.

    I have Marge’s twin in my sewing space….I’ll have to think of a name for mine.

    Ps I’ve sent you a message on the members board

    1. Hi, Antje! I do use Command strips 🙂 The problem is, I can’t tell if my walls have wallpaper on them, and those strips can’t be used on that. I decided to risk it, but when time comes I might regret it deeply 😉

      I’ve inspired you to name your sewing machine, that’s wonderful!

      I’ll check that message in a bit 🙂

  3. Looks like you are using your space really well. a messy space is a sign of a busy mind and busy hands. the wreath is adorable but I can’t spot it in the background. maybe you can felt or sew some covers or plugs for the window vents.

    1. Thanks, Ann! I don’t think it’ll ever be completely mess-free but having extra space means it doesn’t look as bad when it is, in fact, messy 😀
      The wreath is on the door at the back, hanging by the knob (it was hanging on our front door during Xmas)
      Unfortunately I’m not allowed to interfere with the vents, as per my contract. It would interrupt the airflow and I think the property owners would worry about mould accumulating… boo.

  4. Thank you for pointing out the location of your lovely wreath in the photo – like Ann I hunted for it & couldn’t see it! You’ve invented a new version of ‘find Wally’.

  5. Congratulations Leonor! What a wonderful studio, dont worry a studio is always in flux as we shift from project to project. it looks like you could ad another layer of IKEA shelving to the black ones you have! its grate to have high seelings! (Remember to check in the AS-IS section for the best deals. everything that is on display ends up there as well as most of the returned tums!)

    can you ask Marge to sew you up a couple of bean bags to block the vents on windy days? there is a long tube version that blocks drafts under doors so there must be a way to make one for window vents. i hope your winters are not as cold as Ottawa!!!

    i hope you show us more of your studio as it evolves!

    1. Thanks, Jan! I can’t wait to see this studio in Summer, I bet the light will be even better, what with the sun shifting and the (much) longer days.

      Ha, I could honestly stack another one of those 16-cubby shelves on top of the one I already own, the ceilings are THAT high!

      Bean bags wouldn’t work for the window vents, they’re at the top near the ceiling, unfortunately. My positive outlook on this is that I might become accustomed to the cold and be able to call myself a sturdy Scot 😀
      My winters are definitely not as cold as Ottawa! You stay warm 🙂

      My studio has indeed evolved, my table is not positioned differently and that makes the room feel larger. You’re right, it keeps evolving!

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