Werewolf Boy

Werewolf Boy

1Ghost Girl looks lonely 1

Werewolf Boy:

Last post I showed you the OVWSG sale and exp. between photos I was demoing needle felting.  I brought the ghost girl and had already decided she looked very lonely even with her ghosts on strings. After a bit of consideration I decided on giving her a friend, Werewolf boy.

23Workshop sign up table and the beginnings of a friend  2-3

As you saw before, I made the armature from the same Dollarstore floral wire (no gauge noted on packaging). Learning from experience I doubled up the wire for the legs and arms but the head loop is single. The tail is actually one-piece cut in half and then folded which gave four offset twisted pieces. I made the farther end two strands and the nearer end four strand. I had left a tuft to start the tail and anchor the wire as I was building the body shape.

For this one I wanted to have the appearance of mitts, boots, a hood and muzzle mask, jacket, tail and maybe another basket. Like the ghost girl I wanted the hood to be removable. I still do not have a base. I had wanted to take another wander down the street to the used-to-be-there forest, the crows do not look pleased, but there has been a lot of mud created by the heavy equipment moving tree pieces around into piles. I may be able to get to the scrap pile now that the ground will be starting to freeze. If not I may try to find a piece of firewood and split it. In the meantime, they can enjoy the softness of my working foam (garden kneeling pad from Dollarama $2.50 Canadian.  They should be back in the stores by February).

I made the frame and then decided the shoulders were a bit too wide so adjusted them and started with the boots followed by chest, arms, neck/head and then legs. I am not sure why that felt like the right order. I used wast wool from combing again for the body and primarily locks or teased locks for the costume pieces. The wool is from a dark section of the giant Shetland fleece from earlier this summer.

For the hood and mask I started with the mask, getting the upper jaw then adding the lower jaw. Adding a strap and then worked on the hood. I joined the jaw with the strap and the hood then added the ears. I found the ruff a bit thin and wanted to add as few more curls to augment it. The seam ripper was sitting close by so instead of trimming the locks with the scissors I tried the seam ripper.  Although my seam ripper is sharp it produced a less straight cut then the scissors would have. It also has the advantage of being able to get into spots my larger scissors could not reach.  It may be a useful tool to add to my felting tool box.

Another odd tool was the foam hair rollers which I had picked up in three sizes, again at Dollarama. (No I don’t work there or own stocks in the company but maybe I should look into that?) It made working on the curve of the assembled hood and small basket quite easy.


Felting Tools (What you put them in your hair? how odd.) 4-6


Werewolf Boy needs a basket for trick-or-treating 7-8

I again got distracted as I was working so there are few pictures (that makes up for the last post!) to make up for such a horrible pho-paw, I had werewolf boy participate in a couple photo shoots so you can see him.

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Werewolf Boy dose Photos Shoot 9-13

1415Ghost Girl meats Werewolf Boy and its time to Trick-or-Treat 14-15

These small figures were fun to create and then dress in their costumes. Now I have to find them a better base but that may be best left for a later day.

13 thoughts on “Werewolf Boy

  1. What a great way to re-purpose foam rollers. Werewolf boy is fabulous Jan!

    When you make the stand for the pair of figures, are you considering making a small backdrop fixed to it? Just wondering because they look good against that blue.

    1. Thank you! what a good idea to make a back ground! i had been considering a plexy display box. let me see what i can find. there are some that go on sail at Mickles occasionally. i was using a part sheet of black fome core and a couple flash lights for extra lighting.

    1. yes friends are good to ether keep you out of trouble or get you into more trouble! (but im sure it will be only good trouble for these two.)

    1. thanks! i may got with a plexi-box or plexi-display case the background idea is intreeging that annielynrosie suggested. i was thinking of working on a ground for them but a back ground mite be better.

  2. Jan, Werewolf boy is fabulous – and his mask is detachable! Both figures compliment each other.
    Thank you for the great photos. The ‘moonlit’ background definitely sets the scene for the figures.

    I think many of us reading your post could have shares in our respective pound/dollar stores….it’s fun seeing a new use for things or solving a supply/equipment issue as cheaply as possible. I’m sure in another life we might all be inventors or scrap-heap challengers! The downside of that would be that we’d all be hoarding even more stuff (if that were possible) for the just in case scenario.

    1. thanks Antje!
      i agree there are so many “that mite be uesfull” itums to keep on hand “Just incase” and i bot the house i could afford not the one i fit into! we are hopeing to find a spot in the contry for a blacksmith forge and an art studio but keep the house in the city. think vary rustic cottage but without the need of a lake. the second option is to rebuild the sinking garrage and use that. (but that dosnt get glenns forge off half my back patio! my freshly washed wool on the drying frames this fall had that “ode de blacksmith” smell.)

    1. thanks Judy! he is realy cute with or with out his hood and im glad Ghost girl is no longer lonly! i hope you have lots of fun felting there are so many option and not enuff time in a day!

  3. Thanks Marilyn!
    it was fun to create a friend for Ghost Girl. today i have been looking at how to display them. the plexi box Michel’s use to have is gone but they had a glass-less display frame that mite work and i found a table top glass greenhouse at IKEA that mite work.

    I should have looked at display options before deciding on height of the figures! but its fun just seeing where an idea takes you and then try to frame or display it afterwords.

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