the OVWSG Guild Sail and Exhibition 2019 and Werewolf boy (a friend for Ghost Girl)

the OVWSG Guild Sail and Exhibition 2019 and Werewolf boy (a friend for Ghost Girl)

the OVWSG Guild Sail and Exhibition 2019

Last weekend was the OVWSG sale and Exhibition.  Which means almost all the workshop database and layouts for the 2020 Schedule are behind me.  There were a couple teachers with TBD in the info and a couple missing pictures but I am pretty well done for another year. I even got to use the threat that I would write one of two missing teachers bios ! (no one wants to find out what exciting things they didn’t know they had been up to in one of my bios – the threat of me making something up in my version of English has kept missing info to as minimum for Years!) Unfortunately the missing bio arrived so no extra fun for me.

2020 Workshop Catalogue

At the sale, I have as couple of jobs. One is photograph the entire event, set up, booths, viniettes that might be usable for next year’s advertising, happy shoppers and then take-down.  It has taken me a bit longer than it used to do all the shots (only 664 shots this year). I pulled 212 for a slide show for Mondays Guild meeting ….. let me pull a few for you. I will try to select more of the felting ones and show you a bit of the rest. Can you spot shots from Ann’s booth?



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 Guild exhibit of Wearables


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 OVWSG Sale and exhibition 2019

Yes Friday was set up, Saturday /Sunday were the sale, then the guild meeting Monday and West Carlton’s Guild meeting Tuesday ( I slept through to 11am, was barely able to move so missed their meeting!!), but with enough robax made it to the car  Dr’s appointment on Wednesday.  So I’m still sore, rather tired for so early in the morning and ITS SNOWING. I will apologize to the lemon grass I didn’t get into the house fast enough and the Horse Chestnuts not to have got them planted into their pots.

Another job I had in between the photography was to demo felting. I set up beside Elizabeth who is our workshop coordinator. I had brought ghost girl and had her on the table in front of me. She looked lonely and in want of a friend. (That sound vaguely like Jane Austen) So I started to work on Werewolf boy (who is likely too young to be in want of a wife and I don’t know what his yearly income is or if he wants to go to the Mariton ball). (Maybe the robax hasn’t quite warn off yet)

11-02-19 X&S Saterday (245)11-02-19 X&S Saterday (169)The Workshop table and Felting demo


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Part of the Guild Demo teem

41 Packing up after the show


10 thoughts on “the OVWSG Guild Sail and Exhibition 2019 and Werewolf boy (a friend for Ghost Girl)

  1. Your stamina is admirable! That’s a lot of physical work indeed but so worthwhile. We hope your eyestrain is getting better after sorting through the mountain of photos!

    Thank you for posting the photos for those of us unable to attend – it looks to have been a wonderful show.

  2. Thanks! i use to lug tables and help with set up too. i think my table lugging days are behind me. im hopefull that we will try to space all the fun things just a bit farther apart so there is more time to recover after each one!
    there was a lot to see this year with a lot more vendors having felt work (wet dry and damp types). sitting beside workshops there were a good number of questions about felting workshops too. so interest still seems to be growing for felting. i was able to get a few vary good shots from the booths including Ann’s! i am vary glad you enjoyed seeing the ones i did pull (all 664 may have been a bit much to endure in one sitting!) if your in Ottawa and the Guild Sale is happening you are always welcome to attend.

  3. Looks like a load of work but well worth the effort. Thanks for the photos as it allows those of us from far away to experience the event.

    1. Thanks! it was worth it! if you cant be there its always nice to have lots of photos so you feel like your part of the fun. i enjoy seeing whats is happening even if i cant be there myself too.

    1. thanks! i think i got a good shot of you! the glow from the lighting make you look Ann-gelic. i think i got a cuple good photos from your booth. i hope you can use them next year.

  4. Your hard work looks to have paid off very well. Hope you can rest up until the new year.
    Your photos are great, a good record to have & yes I recognised Ann’s work.

    1. Thanks it was defiantly worth it, with lots of people helping and Ann organizing it all went prity smoothly. it is always fun to see what the vendors will bring. the Friday night photos even prompted pre-shopping! A hand-spun, hand-dyed hand knit scarf was sold before the show opened! (i went back Saturday morning to get a second shot and it wasn’t there it was waiting to get picked up by its new owner!)

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