3rd Quarter Challenge Finally Finished (well… close enough)

3rd Quarter Challenge Finally Finished (well… close enough)

I finally finished my 3rd quarter challenge. As you recall it was a cityscape. It was much harder then most of us thought it would be. I wanted to do something different. I thought about doing a scifi city on another world but no matter what I tried adding to it I wasn’t happy. So think again. I did think about doing an insect city. I even looked up some pictures of termite towers. That still wasn’t it. then I saw a picture of a city at night from space picture. I liked that so tried to find my city. No, it seems the capital of Canada is just to small to both taking a picture of as you whiz by in space. so I decided to make a map. I scaled it so I could see all of the city in a 5×7 inch frame.

The last time you saw it it was at this stage.

I have slowly been stitching in the smaller roads with thin crochet cotton. The lines were too small to try needling them in. At this magnification, there are may roads missing.

It was almost done so I took it with me to work on at the show. It was very busy and it took me all of Saturday to do the two left-hand, top parts. I did the red outline of the city on Sunday morning. Sunday morning is always slower. Why is stitching a straight line so hard?

Next, I trimmed it up ready for its bath.

It is quite a lightweight stabiliser. I picked it so I could trace the picture through it for the outline rivers and main roads. I thought I might have to wait time for it to dissolve but it was gone as soon as it got wet.

Although many people recognized it as Ottawa I think I will label it. I might try doing some other cities I really enjoyed doing this one. So where to put the name.

I like the right hand one best. I think partly because I know the north side of the river is a city too. The north side of the river is the province of Quebec. Ottawa is in the province of Ontario. I will needlefelt the name using some yarn.




10 thoughts on “3rd Quarter Challenge Finally Finished (well… close enough)

  1. Very clever idea for a cityscape Ann – adding the name would be a lovely finishing touch and we agree that the name at the top looks best. Using the dissolvable was a neat way to achieve accuracy with the roads!
    It has a lovely ‘modern art’ look to it and will attract attention at shows – are you going to frame it for sale?

  2. i think Glenn is correct you could add a compus rose and the seamonster that old maps requier? i do think you were thinking outside the box and are as always birllient!

  3. I love the contemporary feel of this lovely piece. What a great idea using the stabiliser. I had original thought you were going to wet Felt the road/river details! Leaving them as embellishment certainly maintains the accuracy. Of the two photos I like the name at the top, but have you tried it at the bottom? The city almost looks like a heart. A series of these would be most striking.

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