Busy busy busy

Busy busy busy

This week has not been a big felting week. I managed to make a few more lock pins. These ones are smaller, a little better for on a hat.

Mostly it has been baking and working on the upcoming Ottawa Valley Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild Sale and Exhibition.  I think I told you a somehow ended up as co-chair of the organization committee. I have a great group of ladies helping out. we are trying to get it all organized with timelines and procedures written down so when the next people have to take over they don’t have to start again. A lot of what we are doing is moving everything from a paper set up to a digital set up. we hope to start making 2 and 5-year plans for the Show.  So far it seems to be going well. The Show is November 2 and 3.


Or if you aren’t on Facebook: https://www.ovwsg.com/sale/

We have 3 farmers markets left. So there has been lots of baking as people start to think of stocking up.

7 thoughts on “Busy busy busy

  1. Ann, your baking looks so delicious! Love the lock pins too.

    It’s a good idea to get the planning for the Spinner’s Guild Exhibition written down – saves a lot of work for next time.

  2. Yummy baked items and the lock pins look yummy too! Do you felt the locks together for the pin? The guild sale and exhibition sounds like a lot of work but hopefully your organization now will pay off for future planners.

  3. Ann is vary kind and often brings leftovers to the guild socials!! Delicious!! thanks Ann you both inspire and Feed us!

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