A tutorial: how to make roving with a drum carder

A tutorial: how to make roving with a drum carder

This week has been hectic. I haven’t had much time to do any felting. I did a little bit of stitching on my seascape, but not enough to show you and a little bit on a set of shoelaces. Mostly I made pasties for the market. They are more popular than we anticipated and we are down to the last few.  This is a few about to go in the freezer. They get bagged once they are frozen.

I thought you might like to see this post from way back at the beginning of our blog journey. This is one of the first posts I did.

After you have carded your wool and it is still on the drum you might like to have it as roving instead of a batt. This will show you how to use a simple diz to do that.  You can make a diz out of almost anything. mine is a piece of plastic cut from the side of a plastic sour cream container, it has a hole in the middle for the wool to come through. you pull a small bit of the carded wool through the hole and turning the drum backwards slide the diz around the drum pulling the wool through in a long rope as you go.  the diz rest directly on the drum. You control the amount of wool in the rope by how fast you slide it across the drum as you go around. If its too hard, you are trying to pull too much wool through the hole.


19 thoughts on “A tutorial: how to make roving with a drum carder

  1. Howdy! You make this look so easy! I’ve seen this done before on one video, but I like how you keep the diz close to the carder drum and sort of slide it off and through at the same time. Thanks for posting this, can’t wait to try it! BTW- have you seen the “feed the locks in sideways” video?

  2. I have done this but not this method. Will try your method as it produces with less effort.

  3. A limpet shell from the beach, one with a hole in it, makes a good diz and you can collect different sizes too.

  4. Your pasties look so delicious Ann! Clear and very useful tutorial on how to get roving from the drum carder – thank you.

  5. Thank you Ann. First for making me hungry with your delicious looking pasties! Second for showing your method of creating the roving from the drum carder. I too have collected and used limpet shells, with holes, as a dizz. I will now try your method too.

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