First Quarter Challange Finished

First Quarter Challange Finished

Yay, I got it done in the first quarter. I didn’t seem to be able to do that last year. So let’s hope this is a good sign.
You can see the beginning of this here:
I have slowly worked on it mostly at my guilds Social nights.

I needed to put “wire” on my fence posts so I spun a thin grey single. I took it right off the spindle and onto the fence posts.

I wanted some bullrushes mostly just because I like them.

I really liked them but once I added some sheep they looked much too small for where they were.

I really liked them but I took them off

Next, I added the wool to the sheep and some rocks for interest. Also some shadows so my sheep are not hovering.

I took my piece to the guild social and use one of Jans windows. This one has a 5×7 cutout. The picture is about 6×8 naturally. I tried it in different positions on the picture.

We decided to make a new mat. Jan cut it out of a piece of bristol board. She used to be a framer in your younger days.

Here is what it looks like. I am not sure about the frame but that can be changed.

The glass gives great reflections

I think a black frame but I don’t know about the mat.  Now I will Wait for Lyn to give us the next quarters challenge.


24 thoughts on “First Quarter Challange Finished

  1. Absolutely love it Ann! So glad you changed the colour of the river – it’s perfect now especially with the highlights that make it look as if it’s moving. The sheep are adorable and nicely nestled in the grass. The fence adds depth as well as interest. The landscape is faultless and very charming.

    We like it unframed.but if you want to sell it, then framing is best.
    If you had a black frame with the white matte, it would reflect the colours of the sheep.

    1. Thanks Lyn and Annie. I enjoyed working it all out. I can have look at framing it without a mat and see what that looks like, but yes framing to sell it.

  2. Looks grate Ann! i realy did like the bull rushes (maybe in the next challange?). sorry i would have picked a black one but thay only had 2 of the silver in stalk so i got that. there is always spray paint!!!!

    1. Thanks Jan, you have been a big help working this out. Silver is better than gold. I will have to look at cropping and printing some cards with the bull rushes and I will try them again. I really liked them.

  3. Looks good Ann! The bull rushes could be moved back in the distance a little or made bigger in the foreground. A light colored matt might be less stark than the white. I always vote for black frames. People feel more comfortable buying a black frame because it goes with anything. The water did turn out very well, hard to do in felt for sure.

  4. Beautiful Ann! So much texture and movement. I love the sheep. The whole scene is inviting. I’m with Lyn on not framing it, but with Ruth with black frame and a light matte if you chose to frame it.

  5. Ann your landscape picture is almost photographic, I can see your sheep lazily turning their heads as I walk past and over the stream….a normal rural scene here in the North Yorkshire Dales where sheep casually wander along the roads.

    So I can only echo all of Marilyn’s comments.

  6. I like the position of the frame. The shadows on your fence posts are excellent, and the whole piece has great perspective and depth 🙂

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