Going Batty

Going Batty

Last week you saw Jan post about the spin in Wheels on Fire. LINK It was lots of fun and I bought a lovely batt from  Judy Kavanagh etsy.com/ca/shop/JudyKavanagh I loved the colours and it made me think of a wild landscape. I decided to just open it up and felt it as is. Here is before:

And after:


I also got this lovely little red batt form Bernadette Quade. I don’t know what I will do with it yet but I like the depth of red. The colour is not good here it is quite red with a little purply blue. There was a picture of her table in Jan post linked at the top. She doesn’t have an online store but I can get you in contact with her if you like.

Then as my luck was in, I won another batt in the door prise draw. Also very pretty and I don’t know if I will pull it apart or felt it as is or maybe even spin some of it. It is from  Creations Christine creationschristine.com/collections/ the batt I won was non feltable so she traded it for this one.


Last Saturday was the other spin in in my area. In a small town called Chesterville.  I am lucky I am just about in the middle between both theses spin ins It was there 20th annual spin in. I wanted something interesting to spin.   I was tempted by some “fancier” less blended batts but didn’t think my spinning skill was up to them. I bought a small batt from Judy Kavanagh again. Reds and blues.

This is the first small ball done on Saturday.

Having said that the other batts were to complicated for my spinning ability, I kept being drawn back to this one by Alpaca Tracks. http://www.alpaca-tracks.com/ I reminded me so much of a storm over the ocean.  It has quite a bit of shine too but it just doesn;t sho in the picture. I am not sure if I will use parts of it or do the whole thing adding some sand near the bottom. or use parts of it for sky in other pieces.


Then while I was Showing a 4H group how to spin on a spindle and getting them to each spin a small bit for their project binders, my number was called for a door prize. I chose this lovely batt by Celine Paquette of La ferme le moment present. www.facebook.com/artistedelafibre/ part of this one may become the sand with the storm batt above. When I opened it I realised there were 4 lovely wooden  buttons in it too.

I have made a few plainish backgrounds to work on this last while. One I put a blue stream in . and then promptly ripped it off when dry. Why do we always think of water as blue. it is seldom blue. It looks more like a stream now than before. You will have to wait for the next blog post to see it.   Time to get out the needles and start working on the backgrounds.





10 thoughts on “Going Batty

  1. Beautiful batts Ann! The landscape is lovely and the little white shape, middle-right, looks like a house.

    Yes, we all think of water as blue don’t we? (In the UK all underground drinking-water pipes are blue.) It’s probably because blue is the colour of the sea on a clear, sunny day and that’s what we like to remember – not the stormy stuff.
    Anyway, looking forward to seeing your new piece in your next post.

  2. Lovely batts Ann! And lucky you wining those prizes. I love the first batt that you transformed into a landscape. The one you spun alsomturned out well. I like the texture and colors.

  3. Weren’t you lucky? That is amazing that you felted the first batt into a wonderful landscape. I am looking forward to seeing your new landscape.

  4. I love the colours of the batts and how you simply used the first as is to create your landscape. The darker one I can see as a very stormy winter seascape or moody northern lights.
    I don’t spin, although I’d like to learn (I have a spinning wheel in readiness) so I’m fascinated seeing the transformation of that batt into your lovely yarn.
    Looking forward to seeing your next landscape.

    1. Thanks Antje. The greeny one made me think of northern lights too. I spin on a drop spindle mostly. Its not hard to learn if yo use the park and draft method to learn the first yarns you make are lumpy and bumpy and odd looking but they are great to add to felt. You just keep practicing and you get it. You can go to a wheel if you like. I did and then went back to the spindle. I like it better.

  5. Wow, ots of gorgeous batts and how lucky were you winning?! The first batt turned out great felted.

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