Fossil Piece Complete

I completed the hand stitching on my felt fossil piece that I created for the 4th Quarter Challenge.

I added scattered straight stitches in colors that were already present in the “fossils”. I felt like the grey background was a bit plain and I needed to move some of the colors to other areas in the piece.

Here is the piece completed. From a distance, the background just looks mottled but you can see the colors of the background stitches when you look up close. You can click on the photo to enlarge it and see the details better.

Here’s a photo so that you can see the texture a little better. It does have quite a bit of surface dimension. Now I have to decide how to finish and frame the piece. How do you finish your pieces? What would you suggest?

About ruthlane

When I discovered felting in 2007, I finally found the creative outlet for which I had been searching. I love that the versatility of fiber allows me to “play” with a wide variety of materials including wool, silk, fabrics, yarns and threads. Creating one of a kind fiber art pieces to share with the world fulfills my creative passion.
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19 Responses to Fossil Piece Complete

  1. Antje says:

    Ruth your stitches have certainly ‘spread’ the colour effectively and it has great texture. I would definitely recognise it as a ‘Ruth’ piece.
    The work has lots of detail up close so I’d be tempted to just frame it with matte board, but make the board significantly large so that your work becomes a smaller central focal point to invite this inspection.

  2. Lise says:

    The result is gorgeous! Will have to try this at some point. Thank you for sharing.

  3. sunnysewsit says:

    I love your fossil piece. How about mounting it on burlap and fray the edges? (Just a thought.)

  4. It looks terrific Ruth! Sunny’s idea about burlap is good.

  5. Or a piece of slate? The kind with jagged edges the thickness of a grey roof slate – not the blackboard stuff.

    • ruthlane says:

      That’s a great idea Lyn! I really like the idea of the slate behind it. I will have to see if I can find something like that.

  6. Janet Morton says:

    This is fantastic. So interesting to look at. I have been playing with crocheting 2 ply wool to make fossils but like your stitching much better. I had a felt landscape framed by a professional artist. I thought leaving the glass off would be better but went his choice and it turned out amazing. I agree with Antje’s suggestion, making the frame much larger, really does enhance focus on the artwork.

    • ruthlane says:

      Thanks Janet! I would love to see your crocheted fossils, they sound very interesting. You can show us over on the forum.

      It’s funny you should say that about the glass, I was going to matte and frame my recent landscape series and possibly use glass but the framer (who has long experience selling art) suggested that I leave off the matte and the glass.

  7. Great piece Ruth it does look like a fossil. I hope you show us how you decide to frame it inthe end. So may good ideas to choose from.

  8. Marilyn aka Pandagirl says:

    Gorgeous Ruth. I like Lyn’s idea of a slate background. I look forward to seeing it finished.

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  10. zedster66 says:

    That’s reaaly cool, Ruth! I’d never have thought of those background stitches, and I love the angled close up 🙂

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