Small Felt Pouches

Small Felt Pouches

First I wanted to let people know the discount code for lables is now up, it is at the bottom of the post. sew-on-labels

I am almost finished the sewing of the small felt pouches. I still have to add the hardware. You can click on any of the pictures to get a larger view.

These are finished except for the grommet and carabiner. I may add some flowers to the 3 without but I am not sure if I will have time.

These ones are done but now I am thinking maybe the pink and blue ones should maybe have somthing on the back.

I haven’t washed the stabiliser away on these. I thought I would use 2 small black seed beads for the cats eyes. and when I was taking the picture I noticed I hadn’t put the x for the fishes eye on the green one. I am not sure if the red one need somthing at the bottom front or not. I like the motif on the red one, the weaver and spinner were on a bronze age pot someone posted in the Evangelical Church of Distaff Spinning  group on Facebook.


These last ones I like quite a bit. The bright colours on the black felt look particularly good to me. The bee and thistle pouch still needs its stabiliser washed away. The 3D flowers I think need something on the lower half but it’s tricky with the tail and I don’t know what to put.

The first few pouches I sewed on some snaps. For the others I ordered a plastic snap kit. The snaps come in lots of different colours so I should be able to match them pretty well.

I forgot to take a picture so here is the one form Amazon, where I bought it. I paid the shipping and I ordered it on Saterday and it was here on Tuesday. That is fast delivery.




12 thoughts on “Small Felt Pouches

  1. The pouches are gorgeous and make such a fun group. My favourites are the countryside ones but they are all lovely. If you want to add something on the lower half of the 3D flower one, how about a bit more stem and a few more leaves?

  2. All the pouches are pretty Ann, but I too have a leaning towards your country scenes.
    Thank you for showing us the snaps – they look handy to have on standby.

  3. First, i really like the pouches. They’re colorful & decorated in a fun way.

    I have a question for you. Why do you use stabilizer ? What is it exactly? Does it dissolve or tear away?
    Do you have a photo of the back of these little pouches after the cabinets are attached .
    How did the snaps work out?

    Thanks for your input.
    Lillian Johnson

    1. Hi thanks, Lillian. The stabiliser dissolves in water. What I do is draw a pattern on the stabiliser and pin it to the pouch and then do the stitching. I didn’t want to draw right on the felt. I have a nice smooth wash away stabiliser. It is called pellon 541 wash-n-gone. I bought this a few years ago but they still make it. I bought it off a roll but I have seen it packaged as well.
      I havn’t used the snap kit yet.

  4. Wow, Ann, they are really nice! I agree about bright colours on black. I love the paisley ones, and the more abstract ones too. But I also love the chicken and the thistle! 🙂

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