Sew on Labels

Sew on Labels

Not too long ago the Dutch Label Shop from Pennsylvania USA contacted me to do a review post about their labels. There would be no obligation to do a positive review and they would give me a gift certificate to get some labels. I had been thinking about labels for a long time, what kind? what size? etc. This seemed like a good opportunity with no strings attached.

label group

The site was easy to navigate and I had no problem creating a label. Or so I thought. I had chosen much to small a label for what I wanted on it or I chose to much to put on the sized label I wanted, depending on how you look at it.  They contacted me very quickly to let me know and we went back and forth in emails to sort out what I was looking for and what would work. They were very helpful and very nice to deal with. They sent me a proof and I put in my order.

It arrived very quickly and I must say I am very pleased. They feel nice and they are not to stiff.

label in green hat close

I added them to some hats

label in green hatlabel in green hat closelabel in red hat close

and some scarves

label on purple scarflabel close on purple scarf


and on a lighter colour

label close on pale green scarf

They went on easily. I used fine invisible thread so I didn’t have to try and colour match thread.

I haven’t decided where I should put them on the small ruffled neck scarves. Where do you think would be good?

I have a code for you to use to get a discount.  shepherdsspringfarm15 It is good for 60 days from August 9 2018.

Do you have labels for your felt? Are they woven or printed? What do you like or not like about them?

29 thoughts on “Sew on Labels

  1. Nice label Ann. I have printed labels for the back of my cards/pictures and woven labels for the back of my canvas pictures or anything that is not paper. I do not have a website so it only gives my email address but I can then be contacted again by the buyer should they wish to do so.

  2. Your labels look lovely Ann! Invisible thread is a good idea.
    Would it be possible to sew the label onto the back of the piece of ruffle scarf that overlaps at the front? That way the label wouldn’t be against the neck when worn.

  3. Well done Ann! I was conrtacted by the shop quite a while ago but didn’t order anything from them even considering promotional discount 🙂 I’m sure I should have done! Your labels look very nice!

    1. Thanks Felicity. You should contact them and see if the offer is still available. They where very helpful. Or use the discount code I will post later today.

  4. I agree with the lady above, I would place the label so it is at the back of the neck. If the person is anything like me, they will remove it anyway. The label design is very nice.. I like it. I am still looking into labels for my own stuff.. can’t decide on a logo !

    1. Thanks Jane, why not ask your blog followers for some suggestions for a logo? I designed my sheep 15 or more years ago. The font or the placement of our name may change but the sheep is always the same.

  5. Nice labels, and thanks for the link to the company. I have printed labels that I’m happy with, but I think they might fade in time/with washing, but I have no way to verify that, since I sew them in after washing. I sew them into bags, the back of hats, both knitted and felted and on some hand knitted things. I don’t put labels on my nuno scarves and shawls because I think they show too much. I would have much smaller ones made for those. I agree that people will probably cut them off.

  6. The labels are lovely. What a great opportunity to try them out! I haven’t used labels since I was making garments to sell a lifetime ago. I agree with Annie and Lyn about the placement on the ruffle scarf. You don’t want it anywhere near the skin or people will remove them for comfort. Nice job!

  7. These look like great labels. I don’t do enough wearable stuff to warrant using them. I usually just sign my work with a permanent pen. I would go for a smaller label on the scarves so it isn’t so visible.

  8. Nice labels! I’d love to get some personalised ones for when I make project bags so this is a great idea of how things can look (and the invisible thread idea is great). If this company was nearer to me I’d definitely contact them 🙂

  9. Love the labels, Ann. They look both cuddly / handmade and professional. Agree with Lyn re putting them on the front overlap. As a customer I would definitely remove it if next to the skin, especially if sewn with invisible thread, which I find particularly irritating, but then again, I also find wool irritating so I’m not really a great potential customer! I’m sure they also look great in hats & bags. Very nice. I print labels for pictures and cards and use a business card attached with thread & a small safety pin for everything else so nothing permanent. However, I think I may now be developing label envy.

    1. Thanks Lindsay, I have hangtags too but I know they get lost after people buy things. I have been thinking about labels for a long time.

  10. i have one question, how do the labels adhere to the garment? how secure is it?
    I guess that is two questions. To answer your question i would put a label on the inside back of the ruffled collar. like on a shirt.

    1. I sewed them on with invisible thread. The ends are thinner than the middle so you can sew them on easily with a machine. They have different styles and sizes so you can choose what will work with your items.

  11. Nice labels Ann.
    I don’t sell much, but I often sign things in free motion stitching, or make a calico label, with fibre content, and just tack it on at each corner.
    For my family the label says;- (depending on the item) Hand dyed, handspun, handwoven, handfelted, hand knitted. HANDWASH!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks, I am not good enough with a machine to sign my name. I need to practice but never seen to have time and motivation at the same time.

  12. did you ever send a code for ordering these labels? I am planning to purchase! thanks!

    On Mon, Jul 30, 2018 at 1:01 AM, feltingandfiberstudio wrote:

    > shepherdessann posted: “Not to long ago the Dutch Label Shop from > Pennsylvania USA contacted me to do a review post about thier labels. > There would be no obligation to do a positive > review and they would give me a gift certificate to get some lables. I ha” >

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