Jan’s 3rd Quarter 2017 Challenge Part 3

Jan’s 3rd Quarter 2017 Challenge Part 3

Now the final installment of Jan’s 3rd quarter challenge.

Part 3 finishing

I had been working on pieces of the waves while waiting for my mom at various doctor appointments. So I was able to try out the parasol to see if the concept would work. I was pleased but most of the crowd looked confused.

The demo display of felting included Miaka’s Cat Cave Coelacanth fish and the sheep head I had made at a workshop with Wendo (a local felter who felts very quickly) everyone seemed very interested in the little balls of wool top. I think it was the bright colours.

I continued refining the colour on the octopus and adding more sections of wave pieces at the weekly Monday social at the guild. I also showed off the progress at Show and tell during the guild meeting.

It was getting close to Christmas and I knew I would have 2 days to finish the polar bear I was also working on and come to a decision about the boats and fishermen. I did decide to add the fishing boats but let the octopus play with…Er, “rescuing” them. I made the 3 long skinny canoe like boats underneath there is a keel and you may be able to see the upturned prow. Other than shape and general colour I did not do as much detail with them. I was pleased overall with the final look.

So let’s review the original inspiration and what has happened to it!

Into the box to be wrapped as my nieces Christmas present. She is good at swimming and likes the water so I hoped she might enjoy the octopus.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about how I finally got the 3rd quarter challenge finished if just a bit late. But I hope it was worth the wait. I do have a polar bear that I could show you if you are not too overwhelmed with pictures! Maybe I should save that in case Ann ever asked me to write you a note again!
All for now, Jan.

I hope you all enjoyed Jan’s story. I will share her other posts later in the winter.

13 thoughts on “Jan’s 3rd Quarter 2017 Challenge Part 3

    1. Yes she seemed vary pleased. i found out its sitting on her dresser. she brot it to the living room to show our cosen who was visiting. she hadnt realized the arms moved and she could reposition the boats! so now it more fun!

    1. Thankyou!!
      i found the sky was vary interesting. when layed flat it becomes a beach! this totaly changes the interitation of the print. i realy did have fun wiith this challange!

  1. Ruth went in with my word Jan – Wonderful !! Quirky, well thought out and cleverly executed. I would be very proud of that, I hope you are. I would very much like to see your polar bear sometime.

    1. thankyou! i am vary pleased with the over all presentation. there was a lot of debate about the suction cups to add or not add. i finaly decided not to add them. i was affread it would become too bissy looking. and draw your attention to the tenticals and not see the hole picture. this is definatly octopus-ish but not an exact replica. i hope Ann will show you the poler bear in the next cuple months. (that was my nefues christmass pressent.)

  2. The finished piece is fantastic Jan. A wonderful 3D composition! The octopus is so expressive and the boats were a great addition. I’d love to see the polar bear some day, too.

    1. Thankyou!!
      there will be 2 ploer bares actualy! one was for my brother and his wife. it was the pice that won vewers coice from the guild art show. it is the face of a poler bare. Alex got the 3d poler bare it was to go with GI jo’s (which i thot my brother still had but he says no) i suspect beside a Gi Jo it would be a pre-teen or teen age bare size. but i mite be remembering GI jo’s taller than thay are. i will have to see if i can find Alex a Poler regons Gi jo. (thay were dressed all in white to blend with the snow) i wonder if thay still make them?

  3. Thankyou! i think she will want to learn how to do one of her own! im shure she will do amazing things whatever she decides to do!

  4. Great story/journey, Jan! I love the colours and the forthy wave texture! I was disappointed that superwash is pretty much useless, I got some in a waste bag, and it spins about as well as it wet-felts, so thought it might be alright for needlefelting. Maybe the birds can have it! Great end result, I hope your niece loves it 🙂

  5. What a wonderful piece of art Jan, I hope you niece loves it too, how you have needle-felted the waves so they retain their foaminess is amazing, I am in awe!

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