Finishing Up Some Spinning

Finishing Up Some Spinning


In the spring I borrowed a blending board from my friend Carlene. I made rollags at guild social meetings and at demos.

And spinning here and there.

I finally got around to plying them all.

Then I needed to be washed to reset after being tight up in skeins for ages. this is before washing. I spent an evening tying the skeins up so they wouldn’t be a mess after washing.

This is some of them soaking.

And after all the skeins where soaked this it what the water looked like.  I couln’t believe how dirty it was.

then I had to hang them all up to dry. excuse my shower backdrop. we don’t have the new tub surround in yet so it is just orange construction plastic so we can shower.

And the finished yarn. I am making the skeins into center pull balls on my nostepinne. I am mostly done. I am getting better at them.  I didn’t realise how often I do thick and thin yarn until I started winding the balls. It is fun to do.

So thats one thing finished up from 2017 and only 2 days late.  All ready for embellishing some felt.  I hope you all have a fibery new year.




11 thoughts on “Finishing Up Some Spinning

  1. It’s much easier to use yarn from a centre pull than a skein – but I think you can appreciate the colours in the yarn more in a skein. When yarn is displayed at a show, it’s always the skeins, not the balls, that draw me over.
    Do you have specific plans for the lovely yarn?

    1. Yes, Your right Lyn. skeins are much more attractive. I will use them as embellishments on felt. I will probably wind some for small skeins to sell. I make the 11 yards I think it is so its enough to do a scarf. The other people that like them are rug hookers. It can give them a little pop of colour without having to buy a big ball of yarn.

  2. What a lot of work to make embellishments! But it all looks lovely and I’m sure you’ll either sell it or use it so good on you for getting it done.

    1. It is a of of work but I really enjoy the spinning. its relaxing when you just spin whatever you feel like without it having to be right for a project like a sweater.

  3. Looks like a lot of work Ann but enjoyable too. As I have said before, I don’t need a blending board but that doesn’t stop me wanting one !

    1. Its not that much work really but it is enjoyable work. I borrowed one to see if I liked it. I really like spinning form rollags. I am waiting for the fad to be over and people to sell them off cheap to get one.

  4. I never saw the point of the blending boards at first, Ann, but you always make such nice blends and rolags. I’ve seen a few people buy chopping boards and cloth and make their own! I love the photos with the red and blue yarns soaking, but they all look nice!

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