Another Show and the Red Hat all Done.

Another Show and the Red Hat all Done.

I was off at another local show last weekend. I did all right but mostly selling lots of low priced things.  Chatting with other people, it seems to be pretty common this year. We are a government city. The government is having pay roll computer problems and those not caught in it are worried they maybe next pay. A worth while show though. I had a small booth only 6 by 10 feet.

You can see the red hat on the stand but I just took some more pictures so you can have a better look.  I used some tacking stitches to hold the curls in place. You will have to forgive the messy back ground . I had forgotten to take pictures so had to do them in a hurry.

I used some tacking stitches to hold the curls in place.

8 thoughts on “Another Show and the Red Hat all Done.

  1. The red hat is lovely Ann – the curls give it a unique shape. Your booth looks good and it’s a pity that people weren’t in a confident buying mood.

  2. The hat turned out wonderfully. It is always hard to determine what kind of shopping mood people will be in and politics never helps. But as you say, you can always sell the small stuff so it pays to have a good supply.

  3. The booth looks great, you made good use of the space. The red hat is really cool. I’m sorry to hear the sales weren’t great. But you’ll be more than ready for the next show.

  4. Your booths always look so nice and inviting, Ann, so it can only be lack of money stopping people buying. The hat looks great 🙂

    1. Thanks Zed. I saw the same at other stalls too. The ladies next to me had really nice handmade Christmas balls and trees really cheap but they were not selling and they look like the sort of thing that sell out usually.

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