Demo Last Weekend

Demo Last Weekend

This last weekend my guild did a Demo at the Carp Fair I went on the Sunday.  I took a blending board to make some more rollags. I had some hand cards with me and I had a spindle I was spinning a rollag on so I could explain it all.  It was very popular with the visitors to the fair. .

Bernadette was spinning Rambouillet on her wheel. In this picture she is Chain plying it.

Jan was working On the Edo Challenge. And Yes that is an octopus. I am hoping to get her to do a post about her progress. Here she is explaining it to some visitors.

Her fish was there on display and tried to eat a passing child.

Julie was weaving. She is doing shibori on the loom. She weaves the draw strings right into the scarf ready to be tightened up and then dyed. She has a finished sample onto of her loom.


And lastly 2 of the display tables.

I didn’t get any of the third table except Jan’s Fish.  We had a great time chatting with people about spinning, weaving and felting.  Have you been doing your crafts in public lately?


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  1. Looks like you had brilliant weather there for the fair. I just googled the Carp Fair – what a lot of things to see and do!
    All the guild tables and demos look very inviting – did you get many sales?

    1. It is a very busy Fair well packed with things to do. The weather was incredibly hot Lyn. We had 32c and with humidity 40c. Usually we have to use part of our wool display to keep warm. we had a delayed summer heat wave. We don’t sell at the fair. We do promote out sale in December. Someone did want to buy my book cover and took my card to order one.

    2. it was HOT this was the summer we didnt have this year all in 3 days of the fair! we were lucky we kept moving our demoing to the shady part of the open tent. we also had a bit of a breeze intermittently so as long as you didnt stand up it was not too bad. i guess this makes up for all the fairs that i couldnt feel my fingers while trying to spin and demonstrate the thermal property of wool (i was rapped up in the blankets that had been on display) didnt have to do that this year! demoing for the public is lots of fun and it may inspire others to join us, i have been taking my felting challenge with me for my Mom’s doctors appointments, i hadnt intended but it becomes a mini demo! we didnt sell anything but were promoting the guild sale and workshops. Ann had a lady want to by her prototype book cover. she was visiting from i think BC so it will be a bit difficult for her to come by one at the sale.

  2. Looks like fun. I haven’t done anything like this for a while. It is always interesting to see what people think about what you are doing. Love the photo of the child eating fish. Looking forward to seeing Jan’s challenge piece.

    1. Demoes are always interesting. people kept asking if I was weaving I think because they had never seen a blending board before. I was spinning the dark green ones today at the farmers market.

  3. Looks like a great fun fair with plenty of cool things to see and buy and lovely weather. I can’t wait to see Jan’s octopus for the challenge.

  4. I’m jealous as usual! Your fairs and demos always look great, and the people look genuinely interested, especially the kids. The displays look really inviting 🙂

    1. So funny Zed I always think the English country fairs I see on TV look so nice and I am jealous we don’t have them here. We are very lucky at this one they give us a huge tent to use. Some places we get tiny little paces in a barely visited area.

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