Pandagirl’s Maneki-Neko for 2017 3rd Quarter Challenge Part 1

Pandagirl’s Maneki-Neko for 2017 3rd Quarter Challenge Part 1

I’ve still been in the mood to explore the Edo Period.  I remembered when my oldest son was in high school and brought home a Japanese exchange student who gave us a little kitty statute to bring prosperity to our home.

Of course, when I looked for it I couldn’t find it, but found plenty of pictures on the Internet.  It is technically called Maneki-neko which means “beckoning cat.” Of course,  there are many stories behind the cat.  You can read a few of them here:

There are also different meanings and results for different colored cats.  I chose black since it helps with good health (or getting rid of evil spirits).  Different writings have different meanings.  I did see one for green for good health, but I just wasn’t ready for a green cat.

Normally the traditional white cat brings wealth and prosperity and is seen in Asian restaurants and shops.  There is also confusion as to whether it is Japanese or Chinese.  It was the Japanese in the Edo period who developed this character.

I knew it was going to be a bit more complex than just making a resist for a pod.  Since I didn’t have a particular size in mind, I just made a resist I felt I could get enough detail on and manage.

I used prefelts for the first layer and merino wisps for the sides.  I also added needle felted noses, cheeks and prefelt and cotton batting for the one arm. Then added three layers of corriedale putting the eyes under the last two and prefelt for the ears.  On the back I also made a small tail using needle felted Jacob wool.  Not much of it is visible on the wet cat.

Then I added some silk with throwsters waste to add a little bling.

Then I fulled it and stuffed it with bubblewrap to give it some shape.  I did forget to open the eyes.

I rewet it and opened the eyes. So, next I will have to add all the details needed to finish.

Stay tuned!

13 thoughts on “Pandagirl’s Maneki-Neko for 2017 3rd Quarter Challenge Part 1

  1. So far, so good, and I like the insides of the ears and the neck bling! You didn’t choose an easy resist to make but you’ve got the shape spot on.

    1. Thanks Lyn! I’m taking my time to get it as close to what I want. Like the eyes though, I occasionally miss something.;-)

  2. It’s looking really good so far, Marilyn! I’ve noticed the use of these cats when on tour in Japan a few years ago, but I never really understood the symbolism behind it or when the usage began. The Edo Period was a fascinating time in Japanese history and I am so glad you chose this for your challenge.

    1. Thanks Cathy! I’ve seen a lot of them here in the states as well at Asian restaurants and shops. It’s amazing it began in the Edo Period and is still going!

  3. Great looking cat so far Marilyn! It’s always interesting to keep researching and working into a theme you’re enjoying. Hope your kitty brings you lots of good heatlth!

  4. Loving this, Marilyn! You must be psychic, I’ve been wanting to search for the meaning of the Maneki-Neko cats for a while now and now you’ve given me a great link 😀
    Can’t wait to see your cat finished 🙂

    1. Thanks Leonor! You should needle felt one for yourself. Marshmallow can be your model. 😉

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