Finished Book Cover

Finished Book Cover

I finished my book cover.

This is the piece I cut off the end for the one of the inside sleeves. When I used a piece of prefelt for the middle I hadn’t thought of it showing when I cut it. I think next time I would make a separate piece.

Here it is open with the book in it. Don’t look to closely at the stitching. The edge should be zig zaged but my machine will not longer zig zag.

and a close up of the pencil holder

Next time this will go on the outside maybe with a flap over it. It doesn’t allow the book cover to close flat.

This part I thought was quite good. I only sewed the flap down top and bottom so the book cover can slide right through. It makes it easy to insert the book and it means if the next book is a little bigger it will still fit.

and all closed up

The rope could be a little longer but it will work. Over all I like it but I know what I would do differently now. Have you made something for the first time lately?

13 thoughts on “Finished Book Cover

  1. Oh, it looks so nice, Ann! The colours are gorgeous 🙂 I might have to do another with the flowers I intended the first time! Things I’ve tried for the first time are samples using two layers of embellishment fibres and fulling some of them lots. I ‘knew’ how they’d turn out in theory, but actually doing it is another thing!

    1. Thanks Zed. Part of the problem is the idea evolving as you go so you think oh I should do X that would be cool without thinking it all the way through. I know that if you stick a pen inside the book its not going to close. but I just didn’t think that far ahead. I will have another go at it.

  2. I love the colors and design of the cover and on it! The pen holder is a good idea, perhaps next time if you use the same design the pen could go on an angle next to the cover where there is an open space. We always learn something new with every project.

  3. It’s a beautiful design Ann and I love the flowers!

    If we could all make something perfect first time we wouldn’t have anything to discuss would we?

    1. Thank you Sharon. You can make an envelope looking bag for your kindle. Or you could make something that had 4 corners to hold it and a fold over flap to protect the screen.

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