Working Small

Working Small

I’ve been trying some new things to work on that I could do easily and fairly quick. Right, haha.

I had seen some crochet and bead earrings online I wanted to try.  I used the same Aunt Lydia’s variegated cotton thread that I used on one of the scrubbies  I posted about recently.


It turned out out to be a little fiddly, but I got the hang of it and was pleased with the results. I especially like the variegated thread since it makes it easy to wear with several colors. My favorite ocean like colorway.  Here they are lying flat.


But then I thought they would nice hanging. So I scoured my house for something to hang them on.

Can you see the beading?

I keep pulling out my felt scraps and wonder what I can do with them.  I had some prefelt leftover from making business cards covered with throwsters waste to add a little bling and just enough to make two earrings.  I cut out two squares and played around with how to use them.  I like dangling earrings but not too big.  Since it was prefelt I didn’t want to add beads on it and weigh it down.

So, I used a head pin put a few beads on it then attached the prefelt around it just sewing it closed in the back. And finally attached the hooks.  They aren’t perfect but they are handmade.

I started another round pair with beads, but got frustrated and put it aside for another time.

I still have piles of scraps.  I’ll have to play with them some more and figure out what else I can use them for. Unfortunately, many pieces are too small to match and are odd shaped.  What have you done with your scraps lately?


18 thoughts on “Working Small

  1. Making earrings from fibre is a great idea because you get so much ‘pretty’ for so little weight – love the ocean colours pair.
    I’d be tempted to look at the free patterns on Pinterest to make a delicate necklace crocheted from the same thread to match the earrings.

    1. Thanks Lyn! Great idea for the necklace. Now if only I could remember where I got the earring pattern. LOL

  2. Great earrings Marilyn and a good way to use scraps. I usually end up using scraps in a landscape or some such but it generally just seems to generate more scraps somehow.

    1. Thanks Ruth! Yes, scraps seems to grow no matter how many you use up. The earrings certainly didn’t make even a dent. Haha. Just an experiment.

  3. YES to this! What a great way to use up scraps, Marilyn. I love to see fibre incorporated into unusual things, and jewellery is definitely an unusual use. Well done! And the fact that they’re not completely symmetrical? They’re handmade, so it’s called “one of a kind” 😉

    1. Thanks Leonor! It is a good way to use scraps if you have enough of the same scrap. 🙂

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