Green and Yellow Nuno

Green and Yellow Nuno

I mentioned in my last post that I liked the effect of the plain green fabric so much I altered another piece I laid out. I can’t even remember what my original plan was, but I made a flat piece with various greens. I added some strips of the green fabric which looks like a chiffon (I haven’t tested to see if it’s silk, yet), and strips of cotton gauze and scrim. I overlapped the strips in places. This is how it turned out:

I always think angled photos show some textures you can’t see straight on:

I need to look at the fabric (headscarf) I tore the pieces from, it seems to have a texture or pattern to it I hadn’t noticed, like a basket weave pattern:

I liked the different textures that resulted from the fabrics overlapping:

Two pieces of scrim, usually very open weave, became a dense pile:

A big tangle of cotton gauze:

I don’t know if you remember the multi handpun yarn I showed a while ago, but I finished of a weaving with it. It looks less grey and dull when you get closer, but overall it looks dingy 🙂

It looks even less dull when you get closer!

13 thoughts on “Green and Yellow Nuno

  1. Only one thing for it then Zed – anyone viewing the weaving must do so from a distance of 6″.
    Seriously though, it looks so pretty in close up.

    The ‘green’ is going to make some lovely somethings – purses?

    1. Ha ha, good idea, Lyn 🙂 Yeah, I think it probably will end up as a purse, I might check the size for a small notebook though.

  2. Love the green plaid 🙂 I see plaid because that is one of the patterns I have been studying for my class. The weaving up close is gorgeous, too bad it gets dull from a distance.

    1. Thanks, Ruth 🙂 I probably subconciously made plaid, I did that a couple of days ago, I laid out a patchy green piece, thinking I’d maybe add something flowery, but started adding thin horizontal and vertical lines, definitely plaid inspired! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jami 🙂
      I’ve been doing it years, but still love trying out new/different things, it never gets boring!

    1. I do that when I do my plaid pieces 🙂 Usually with viscose or nylon top, and even though it unintentionally turned out plaid inspired, like Ruth said, I was trying to focus on the textures of the fabric combos rather than colour/pattern.

  3. the green piece looks great, lots of texture. I am sure it will be a great book cover or purse. the weaving does look good close up. to bad it gets muddy at a distance.

    1. Thanks, Ann 🙂 Yeah, I thought the blue and purple I used would combine well, but they just made a bluey grey which overpowered everything overall.

  4. A lot of nice texture on the plaid. I like the look and feel of cheesecloth when felted. I agree with Ann on the weaving.

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