Not Much Done but a Cute Surprise

Not Much Done but a Cute Surprise

As the title says I really haven’t done much with fiber this last week. I did start my Free motion embroidery class this week but haven’t had much time to do more than watch the videos read the PDF and fight with the tension on my machine. I have it sorted now and I hope I can do some practising this weekend. Pictures of messed up tension are not very exiting so I wasn’t sure what I would tell you about and then we had a surprise late yesterday, on the coldest day in March. -23c I took these pictures at about 10:00 last night after chasing the 2 calves back in because you know there is not better time to “fall” out of the barnyard but late at night when its freezing out.

This is mom wanting to know what I was doing.

and then letting lamb have a drink. I like this one she looks like she is smiling.

And this is the best shot I got of the two of them. Mom had just stomped at me as she was fed up with me trying to get a decent shot of both of them.  Just as well my iPhone shut down right after that as it was too cold.  My son put a heat lamp in so lamb wouldn’t get to cold. The temperature is on the rise again to day and we will go up to +2c today. This is the first lamb of the season. this is early and not on the schedule. There shouldn’t be any until late April early May. Best laid plans as they say.

20 thoughts on “Not Much Done but a Cute Surprise

    1. I am outside Ottawa Ontario Canada. It was +15 one day last week and it will be +10 by mid next week. We really only have winter or summer here. Fall and spring (especialy) are short.

  1. I’m always surprised that you manage to do any fibre stuff at all – the farm is a lot of work!

    The photos are lovely! Thank you for sharing them.

    1. It is amazing isn’t it Linda. Probably not, it doesn’t take long before they start showing you their tails when you try to take a picture.

  2. The lamb is beautiful And it looks like Mom is good at her job. I always tell people I have plans for the day and then go to the barn to find out what I’ll really be doing! They have their own agenda.

  3. I have been in Toronto, the Niagara Falls, Niagara on the lake and in a little town there because of the Digital blackboards, in 2009 februari. I remember it was so cold , you couldn’t get on a boat to see the Falls because it was to dangerous, ice could crumble and sink the boat. It was spectacular.
    Love your pics of the sheep, adorable.

    1. You were about 5 hours drive from me in Toronto 7hr for Niagara. I think the falls are more spectacular in the winter with all the ice. I am glad you enjoyed your trip to Canada.
      Lambs are always cute.

  4. We finally warmed up some Ann. So now you have the cold weather we had all winter long. Always love the lamb shots. I hope you get some time to start practicing your free motion 🙂

  5. Ouch! That’s cold. We haven’t had that deep cold since .December when my California son came to visit with Lisa. — her first exposure to snow and cold. The lamb is darling. Any names yet?

    1. Yes it was. today it is snowing like crazy. they started saying 2 cm( less than an inch) and changing to rain. Now they say 5-10 cm and changing to rain. It is still coming down like mad. No names yet. Usually its the bottle lambs that end up with names.

  6. Aaw, adorable! -23C sounds unbearable! It was really warm here the other week, then went right back down, it seems even colder when it’s been warm. It’s 16C already (middday) here today.

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