Colour Unboxed by Out of the Box

Colour Unboxed by Out of the Box

I went to an textile art show this last weekend called Colour Unboxed. It was the works of a group of fiber artists called Out of the Box. Her is a link to their site: It is a t a local Textile museum:  It was a large exhibit so I am going to show it to you in 2 parts. I think the pictures are big enough for you to see them quite well. After each picture is a chart showing which pieces belong to each artist. Each piece is 12 inches x 12 inches.  The group took 3 years to assemble all the colour blocks. If you click the pictures you can see them bigger.  The exhibition runs through Feb 25th 2017.

out-of-the-box-1 out-of-the-box-1a

out-of-the-box-2 out-of-the-box-2a

out-of-the-box-3 out-of-the-box-3a

out-of-the-box-3b This is a close up of part of one of the pieces.

out-of-the-box-4 out-of-the-box-4a

out-of-the-box-5 out-of-the-box-5a

out-of-the-box-6 out-of-the-box-6a

out-of-the-box-7 out-of-the-box-7a out-of-the-box-7b Another close up.

This is just one part of the exhibition, I will show you some more next time. If you are Near Ottawa, Ontario , Canada while it’s on It is well worth the drive out to Almonte.


19 thoughts on “Colour Unboxed by Out of the Box

  1. Wow! Lucky you to see these for real – must have been jaw-dropping. Thank you for posting the photos I really enjoyed them.

  2. This absolutely made my morning. Today is a very drab, dark day and the colors, images & techniques just sang to me. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow, they are all gorgeous! I wish I could see them in person. I really like the Marie-France Gosselin ones.

  4. I love these works of art. I always find it interesting when people can create so much detail is small works of art. I’d like to do this more in my quilting work. thanks for sharing!

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