Finally Finished the Last Quarter Challenge.

Finally Finished the Last Quarter Challenge.

I finally managed to finished Zeds 4th quarter challenge form 2016. Only 3 days late.

A friend of mine, Shirley, taught a dyeing class at the guild. After the yarns are dyed they cut the knots off to share them around the class. She saved me the knots.

knotts knotts-close

The next thing I did was create a neutral background.  I think the colour is called  antique


Next I had fun picking the knots to use an lay them out in a spiral

knotts-overhead-shot knots-angle-shot

I was quite pleased with the layout until I took a picture to show someone else. Then I thought that’s really boring. I went home and added some yarn and lots of little bits of throwsters waste.  Throwsters waste is a by-product of reeling silk.

Here it is all wet down.


During the felting process one of the knots came undone. There was no way to tie it up again so I untied all the knots.


I really don’t like that. All the pattern is gone and you can’t see the background very well. Nothing ventured nothing gained so I decided to trim all the knots  short. It still need ironing to block it out to 12×12 but I like it much better. Friends say it looks like a pond with flowers.



9 thoughts on “Finally Finished the Last Quarter Challenge.

  1. Yes, it does look like a pretty pond Ann! I think the piece embodies the challenge really well and I enjoyed reading about your process from start to finish.

  2. It’s too bad it couldn’t have stayed like the wet down version, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. I like that you outlined with yarn and embellished with the throwster nwaste.That really pulled it together. Also, it was a wise choice to trim the knots in the end. What will you do with it after its blocked?

    1. I would have preferred it to be knots but you don’t always get what you want. It will be mounted on a 12×12 canvas to be part of the art show the guild is putting together to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday this year. The show is in May. I am working on some other pieces for the show as well.

    1. Thanks Ruth. it was a fun exercise. I think I am going to take pictures before wetting down more often. It can give you a different perspective.

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