Creating Panels for a New Project

Creating Panels for a New Project

I had such a good time using my scraps and embellishments for my coupon case, I decided to do a larger project using panels.  And using up more of my scraps.

Here is the first large panel.  I started on white prefelt and added  bits of leftover batts creating a cloud effect for the background..


Then I added silk selvage, pieces of cheesecloth, silk pieces,  scraps of scarves, metallic fabric, yarns and a little of this and that, topped with threads  and a bit of wool wisps to secure the threads.


The next panel I forgot to take a pic of the cloud background.  But for this one I used silk selvedge, silk scraps, cheesecloth, boucle yarn bits, mohair, prefelt offcuts, and pieces of leftover roving amongst other things including threads.


It was fun just picking out things from bags and literally throwing it on. The textures are great.



20161116_144517 20161116_144529

I love the way the threads cross over and look like roadmaps.

Here is the first one finished with closeups.

20161116_144611 20161116_144649 20161116_144633

I was surprised the prefelt just grabbed everything.  I had to shave each panel to get some of the glittery stuff to shine again.

Three more panels to go, so stay tuned.

Have you done your 4th Quarter Challenge yet?


19 thoughts on “Creating Panels for a New Project

  1. These look great Marilyn and it sounds like prefelt is the ideal base for adding our scraps to. I was surprised to read that you shaved these, as well as reviving the sparkle it shows how well they are anchored down! I have to confess I haven’t yet made time to do this challenge but loving seeing what everyone else is doing.

    1. Thanks Karen! The prefelt does work well. I was really surprised how well everything felted in.

    1. Thanks Cathy! All will be revealed soon. 🙂 Although I admit I’m tempted to use them for something else.

  2. You’ve got us all wondering what you’re up to but you’ve really achieved a lovely effect with the chuck-it-all-on technique!

  3. Wonderful Marilyn! Glad to know this technique works with prefelt too. I am still using up my felt I made with machine thread so I don’t need any more until those projects are complete. But I am sure I will make more in the future. I look forward to seeing the end result of your panels.

    1. Thanks Ruth! It’s satisfying to know I’m using up some of scraps I can’t seem to throw out.

  4. Oh my, I thought the first photo was of some watercolour you’d done! I remember you telling me you used to make paper, so I thought you were incorporating it on a new project 🙂
    What will you use this new panel on, Marilyn? A larger purse, maybe?

    1. Thanks Leonor! I wish I could paint that well! No, it won’t be be a purse, although that would be nice. I’m going to keep everyone in suspense a while longer. 🙂

    1. Thanks Ann! I’m not sure it’s really random. I do have a sense of what I want, but it is fun winging it! I look forward to seeing your challenge piece. I’m sure you’ll get around to finishing it.

    2. Maybe you could categorise your scraps by colour, Ann, instead of type. I can see how this technique could be adapted to make thinner pieces for making into flowers etc for hat embellishments or brooches for wraps.

  5. Thesea re great, Marilyn! They have so much depth don’t they, visually, I mean, and so much to look at 🙂

    1. Thanks Zed! Yes, they do have depth. It reminds me of looking at dimensional map.

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