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I’ve been a bit busy and haven’t had time to create much. So I thought you might enjoy a few things from around the web. Some of these have been created by or pointed out by forum members, so thanks to those of you who pointed me in the right direction!

fibres around the web

Jane Mercer posted about her recent visit to Woolfest 2016.

Fiber arts video from Peru. (in Spanish)

Felting around the web banner

Russian video about laying wool in specific directions. In Russian but drawings are very helpful.

Karen Lane’s new version of Yellow Poppies.

Shibori felting video with Rae Woolnough.

Teri Berry’s new ram hat and illuminated lion fish.

Nada’s nuno felted blouse.

Lyn and Annie’s (RosiePink) recent pineapple challenge and Lyn’s bird.

Pam de Groot’s Text and Texture exhibition pieces.

Vote for Kim Winter’s proposal to turn the bathroom into a grotto covered in felt shells. (She needs 5 stars!)

dyeing around the web

Cathy’s eco-printing in a pomegranate dye pot.

Terriea Kwong’s recent natural printing.

stitching around the web

Catherine Frere-Smith’s embroidered fabric birds.

mixed media around the web

Mary Beth Shaw of StencilGirl Products has been doing live streaming videos of a variety of stencil techniques on Facebook. Just scroll down to check out the different videos.



About ruthlane

When I discovered felting in 2007, I finally found the creative outlet for which I had been searching. I love that the versatility of fiber allows me to “play” with a wide variety of materials including wool, silk, fabrics, yarns and threads. Creating one of a kind fiber art pieces to share with the world fulfills my creative passion.
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12 Responses to Around the Web

  1. Great group of links Ruth, I will enjoy the ones i don’t know.

  2. Marilyn aka Pandagirl says:

    Thanks for the tour Ruth! A lot of talented artists out there and plenty of inspiration.

  3. It’s always enjoyable to see what other fiber artists are up to, and I can’t bookmark all of them.
    So thanks for the update and also for mentioning my dye blog.

  4. Lyn says:

    Interesting selection to read, thank you Ruth. I love Karen’s new version of ‘yellow poppies’.

  5. Karen Lane says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading all these posts and a big thank you Ruth for featuring me in there!

  6. Flextiles says:

    Really interesting set of links – and handy to have them all in one place! 🙂 Thanks so much for including my felt grotto proposal. It would be a lot of work if I did get selected but hopefully fun too.

    • ruthlane says:

      You’re welcome Kim, hopefully, you’ll get some votes. I look forward to seeing how the felt grotto turns out.

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