2nd Quarter Challenge and Last Chance to Sign up for Next Online Class

2nd Quarter Challenge and Last Chance to Sign up for Next Online Class

I seem to be a little stuck on landscapes lately. When I first read Ann’s 2nd Quarter Challenge I immediately thought I could do a stitched strip landscape. I have seen these in a variety of formats either with fabric or paper. So I decided I wanted to do one with felt scraps. I have lots of strips of felt that were cut off the edges of things and most I can’t even remember what half of the projects were to begin with.

Scrap Challenge Scraps

I got out all my scraps and sorted them into color piles. Some of these scraps were screen printing scraps and others from a variety of projects. The table these are laying on is 6 feet long to give you an idea of how many scraps I have.

Scrap Challenge Backing

I cut a piece of thin interfacing for a background. Some of my felt scraps were pretty thick so I didn’t want anything thick for the background as it wouldn’t fit under the sewing machine easily. Luckily, I cut this larger than 5″ x 7″ because it worked out that the landscape will fit in a 5″ x 7″ matt which is a standard size here in the US. I then started auditioning different scraps to make a landscape.

Scrap Challenge Layout

This is the layout that I came up with. The bottom brownish green felt is really thick and I was a bit worried it wouldn’t work but decided to just try it anyways. The sky and the felt right under the mountains were screen printed scraps.

Scrap Challenge Stitching Middle Layer

I started by stitching the screen printed scraps that were towards the middle of the landscape. I didn’t tack anything down but just stuck it under the sewing machine and free motion stitched the pieces down. I cut off the ends hanging over each edge as I went along.

Scrap Challenge Top Half Stitched

Here it is after stitching down the sky and then the mountains. I didn’t try to add much detail with the stitching, I really stitched just enough to hold the pieces down.

Scrap Challenge Adding Foreground

On the orange piece closer to the foreground, I did add a little bit of stitched detail representing grasses.

Scrap Challenge Finished Machine Stitching

Here’s what it looked like after I finished the machine stitching. I put it under a matt to cover the rough edges. It seemed like it needed a bit more in the foreground.

Scrap Challenge - Add Hand Stitching?

Here in Montana in the spring, we have a plant called Beargrass. I decided to add a stalk of Beargrass to the foreground. This shows the cut up pieces of white felt being auditioned.

Scrap Challenge Complete

I hand stitched a stem and leaves and then stitched each small piece of white felt down by hand with white thread. And this is the finished landscape. The pile of scraps I started with hasn’t shrunk in the least so I’m sure I could make another 8-10 landscapes with the rest of the scraps and still have some to spare. I do have some other unfinished projects that I might also work on with this challenge. Maybe I can do one for each month of the challenge. I will post my results if I do more.

Module 1 of Embellishing Felt with Surface Design Techniques - A Mixed Media Approach, Online Course by Ruth Lane

Don’t forget that today is the last day to sign up for my online class Nuno Felting with Paper Fabric Lamination that begins on Friday, April 29th. You can sign up here.  It’s going to be a fun class so I hope you’ll join me.


22 thoughts on “2nd Quarter Challenge and Last Chance to Sign up for Next Online Class

  1. Really lovely Ruth. The sky couldn’t look better if you’d made a piece of fabric especially for the landscape. I like the way you’ve run the middle ground grasses up into the background and the Beargrass, whilst giving a focal point, also connects the fore, middle and backgrounds. A well balanced piece and very pleasing to the eye.

    1. Thanks Lyn! I originally thought that the pieces I used in the sky had too much dark blue but I really liked them when I auditioned different skies. I’m sure if I made a piece it wouldn’t have looked as good.

  2. Enjoyed reading the process of how you created your landscape freeform style with felt scraps. The addition of the beargrass was brilliant! Did you sketch out your ideas on paper first?

    1. Thanks Cathy, I didn’t sketch out my ideas first. Just auditioned scraps as I went along. I have seen lots of these strip landscape pieces made in fabric though online so perhaps that helped my design ideas.

  3. That turned out really well and has inspired me to give it a try! Do you have your piece framed without glass but with a normal frame and mat? Thanks!

    1. Thanks and I’m glad I inspired you. I just used a normal frame and mat without glass. I tried it with glass but didn’t like it because it looked squashed under the glass.

  4. The beargrass really sets it off. I am wondering why you started in the middle? Usually you start with the farthest away things and move forward. It worked great but I am just wondering what the thinking was.

    1. Thanks Ann. I started stitching in the middle because the mountains slightly overlapped those pieces and the sky was under the mountains. So that made the most sense to me that I do the middle ground first, then the sky and then the mountains on top of both of those areas. I think it would depend on what pieces were overlapping where as to where I started.

  5. just beautiful! I have done landscape collages with paper for years. now I will try felting, maybe using my needle felting machine! Have you considered doing a handbag with this same technique? It’s bound to use up lots of your luscious scrsps!

    1. Thanks Cheri! Using the needle felting machine would probably really help this process. But some of my pieces of felt were just too thick for that. I’m sure you could make just about anything using this scrap technique including a handbag. That’s a good idea but not sure I’ll get it done 🙂

  6. So nice to know other people can’t bring themselves to throw anything away either! 🙂 And I love your landscape, especially the sky.

  7. Beautiful! Unless you told someone it would be hard to believe you started with scraps!

    1. Thanks Marilyn, yes, it looks like I planned it that way all along, one of the reasons the scrap landscape works so well.

  8. That’s gorgeous, Ruth 🙂 You can see how your design series can be used with different media. I make collages with my scraps a lot, but never thought to make a landscape.

    1. Thanks Zed. You should try one, they are pretty simple. You could also do the entire process by hand if you wanted. It would take a little longer but I think it would give it a different feel.

    2. I’ll have to work out how to replace the needle in my machine or it really will have to be by hand! I think all my scraps are still sorted by colour too.

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