Felt for a Spindle

Felt for a Spindle

You may remember that I am getting a new drop spindle http://feltingandfiberstudio.com/2015/12/23/i-am-getting-a-new-drop-spindle/ I couldn’t  decided  on what colours I wanted so I decided to make several pieces of nuno felt with silk throwsters waist on the felt side. If you don’t know, throwsters waste is a waste by-product of reeling silk. It is all sorts of very short silk fibers and threads. It dyes up lovely.

I picked out some small scraps of silk I had and then some wool and throwsters waste. As usual when I start felting I forget to take pictures. This one is laying out the wool on top of the silk.

half layed out

Here they are finished. Both sides of each. Forgive the quality of the photos. The only camera I have is my iPhone.

sample 1a sample 1b This is nice but it  really isn’t very interesting to me.

sample 2a sample 2b I normally like purple and orange together but this one ins not doing anything for me.

sample 3a sample 3b I go back and forth on this one. I am not sure I like the bright colours on the wool side.

sample 4a sample 4bThis is a much thicker silk and it gave a different texture not so tight. I really like it.

sample 5b sample 5a sample 5b close up This is a close up of the throwsters waste side it is the biggest piece and I couldn’t get as close and see it all. I really like it.

What’s your favourite?





28 thoughts on “Felt for a Spindle

  1. oh i love the red one with the blue and yellow peeping thru! so vibrant!
    Ive not used Throwsters waste yet but ive got a lot of Thrums which i love popping into felt pieces!

    1. I like that one too but I waffle on the brightness. Sometimes I like it some times not so much. Thrums are great things to gave around for felting.

  2. My favourite is the orange with the very textured silk. But to pick one to drop in to resin for your new spindle ? yikes! I will look forward to seeing the results, of spindle and what it makes 🙂

  3. A difficult choice. .I’m trying to imagine how they will look in motion and where the centre would be. I really like the last one. Don’t forget to let us see the finished spindle.

    1. It is hard to imagine. There isn’t a lot choice of where to cut out the spindle in some but the last one is bigger and could make several spindles. If I could afford it I would do one of each.

  4. I think having purple, red or orange on a spinning spindle might be a bit much for the old eyes. Blue is calming so I would go for having the last one – with the bright blue showing uppermost.

  5. I like the last one too. I like parts of the others or one side, but with the last one, I like both sides equally, it’s really nice 🙂

    1. It is the one I am drawn to the most. I put them up with the bottom being the one I like the most and the top the least. second from the bottom is Better in person the throwsters waist side came out like a mix of metals.

  6. That’s a tough decision Ann – I’m guessing you won’t be able to see the texture once it is embedded in resin and Lyn’s point about too many bright colours spinning round and round is a good one. For me it is either the woolly side of the red one or the last one…

    BTW – What are thrums?

    1. I think you will se some. I may shave the ones with the smaller tighter texture. What thrums are depends on if you are talking to knitters or weavers. Knitter call the small pencil size roving thrums because that what they use for thrummed mitts. they knit it to the inside of the mitten paters so its all soft and fuzzy and warm.. weavers on the other hand call the warp they cut off the end of their loom thrums. Both are great for using for designs on felt.

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