Almonte Fibrefest

Almonte Fibrefest

Last week end was the Almont Fibrefest. I thought I would share some pictures of some of the booths at the festival.  This is a post of mostly pictures and not much chat. I hope you enjoy it.

I thought I would show you want was there besides natural and hand dyed top and hand spun or hand dyed yarns. There were quilters, some are more traditional, some were applique and some were framed miniatures.

quiltsaplique quiltsmini quilts

There where bead sellers and some button sellers with the most amazing buttons.


button booth 2 button booth 1

The vintage show is part of Fibrefest too. There are Cloths, hats, linen’s and jewelry form many time periods. Aberrantly in the past there were no women with full figures.  I don’t know what Jane Russel was wearing.  😉 If you know who I am talking about you will be dating yourself.

vintage 2 vintage 1 vintage linens vinage jewlry

There was even a lady selling nothing but lavender in every form you can think off.


And a fiber sculpture

fiber art

I wouldn’t want you to think there was not fiber for spinning and felting or any finished things. Here are a couple if interesting booths.

fibre booth Anne spinning

My best find was this woman with fabulous thread in a amazing colours. There was another table of them plus a table a of large cones for long arm quilters. You may be thinking why is that so exiting? I discovered she lives only 5 min from me.


I didn’t buy any yet. I think I may have found a woman to give me a couple of free motion embroidery lessons. Then I can start an embroidery thread stash.

I was very good at the sale I only bought one thing and it only cost $3.00.

mu buttons

I really only wanted the black and white ones top right but it was in a $3 dollar bag. I needed the buttons to finish a hat that I will tell you about next time. That’s ok, you can never have enough buttons.








14 thoughts on “Almonte Fibrefest

  1. Maybe Jane Russell stuffed socks into her bra??

    I would have been ecstatic amongst all that lavender and I would have swooned with joy at the sight of those cones of thread in such an array of colours.

    And you only bought a few buttons?

  2. What a fun festival that must have been! I would have spent my time at the vintage textiles table, for sure. Thanks for sharing your photos and experience.

    1. There was a red surge military coat and a friend said she may have made it. she worked for a military tailor when she first came to Canada. They had a bridesmaids dress I had in a different colour too.

  3. Looks like a great show Ann. I hope that you do get some free motion lessons. I know that you have been wanting to learn a bit more about machine work. Plus all those threads are very seductive 🙂

  4. Oh, so much temptation! Good for you Ann. Thanks for sharing. Like Lyn, I’d have been hanging around the lavender.

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